‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: What is The Vet’s Favorite Dog Breed?

On The Incredible Dr. Pol, there isn’t any species of animal that the beloved veterinarian will turn away. He’s seen it all: iguanas, snakes, parrots, and of course, cows, goats, cats, and dogs.

Left to right: Diane Pol and Dr. Jan Pol
Left to right: Diane Pol and Dr. Jan Pol | The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

For the 77-year-old animal doctor and his family, however, there is a preference when it comes to dogs.

Find out which breed is the Michigan-based doctor’s favorite.

Dr. Pol’s got a new line of pet food

The Pols have introduced Dr. Pol Dog and Cat Food. Dr. Pol said on his Facebook page in December 2019, “We’re proud to introduce the first line of Dr. Pol’s Veterinarian Inspired Recipes. We hope your dogs love it as much as ours do!”

Dr. Pol said in his statement at the release of his pet food line, “I’m excited to incorporate the insights I’ve learned in my many years of veterinary experience, collaborating with great companies to develop an affordable and practical line of animal products that are unique to the marketplace.”

How Dr. Pol handles cases he’s not familiar with

Dr. Pol has been embraced by so many, in part, for his can-do attitude towards each situation. He doesn’t complicate or overthink cases. He applies commonsense and his training to try to help every animal that is brought to his practice.

“Everything is written down,” the Netherlands-born animal doctor told Parade in 2018. “You can find it someplace. One unusual case was a woman whose pet boa had been chewed up by a rat. She had called six veterinarians and nobody wanted to see it on a Sunday.”

“And to be honest, we were having, at that time, a family dinner, and I got the call from my colleague who didn’t want to treat snakes. I said, ‘OK, I’ll be there.’ The lady told me, ‘Put the snake down because he’s hurt so much,’ and I looked at him and said, ‘No, we can save him.’ I had to look up and find out what anesthetic to use and everything, and we cleaned him up, sewed him up and he’s doing fine.”

The Pol family’s favorite dog breed

While the family, from what viewers have seen on the NatGeo WILD reality show, loves all dog breeds and has owned several, they seem to favor one more than others: the Great Dane.

Dr. Pol said on his show, “We like big dogs. When Diane and I got married, we went for the Danes, and we have had Danes ever since. They are an even-tempered and easygoing breed.”

“I think a kid that grows up with dogs probably will make better adults, because the dog will teach the children empathy, compassion. You just have to teach them that they can trust you and you can trust them.”

“There’s a breed for everybody! I cannot imagine life without a dog.”

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