The Isaac Awards 2022: Oscar Isaac Wins the Best Beard in a Movie Award

You’ve heard of the Oscars, but have you heard of the Isaacs? The Isaac Awards, in honor of the great Oscar Isaac, are Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s unique spin on the Academy Awards. However, the Isaac Awards are different from the Oscars in that they celebrate the best movies of 2021 that deserve recognition but will not receive that recognition through Oscar nods. The 2022 Isaac Awards feature five categories: Best Performance, Best Scene-Stealer, Best Crowd-Pleasing Moment, Best Action Sequence, and Fan-Favorite Movie. Winners will be announced on March 24.

The 94th Academy Awards is coming up fast. As the awards season comes to a close, we’ll be announcing Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s Isaac Awards winners. However, before we share our winners, we wanted to announce the Golden Isaac Award. This year we’re honoring Oscar Isaac, the man who inspired the Isaac Awards, with the first honorary Golden Isaac Award: The Best Beard in a Movie Award.

'Moon Knight' star Oscar Isaac wears a suit and poses on the red carpet
‘Moon Knight’ star Oscar Isaac wears a suit and poses on the red carpet | Andreas Rentz

Oscar Isaac had an epic year at the movies in 2022

Isaac has, of course, been a star to watch for many years. The actor appeared in a ton of movies in the 2010s, including critical favorites like Inside Llewyn Davis, A Most Violent Year, and Ex Machina. But his role as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars saga helped Isaac achieve more mainstream notoriety. He’s continued to thrive in a variety of genres into the 2020s. However, 2021 arguably brought the actor perhaps his biggest year yet.

Isaac reunited with his A Most Violent Year co-star Jessica Chastain for the HBO miniseries Scenes from a Marriage. But he also delivered an acclaimed performance in director Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter and returned to voice Gomez Addams in the animated hit The Addams Family 2. Nevertheless, it is his supporting role as Duke Leto Atreides in the Oscar-nominated Dune that leads him to become the first recipient of the Golden Isaac Award.

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The actor wins the inaugural Golden Isaac Award

The Isaac Awards — named after Isaac himself — aim to recognize movies that the Oscars passed over. But the Golden Isaac Award doesn’t play by those rules. In fact, much like how Isaac brazenly refuses to allow Hollywood to typecast him, this special award is impossible to pin down. Each year, it will honor a different achievement in the world of film. Isaac brings a lot to his limited screentime in Dune, but one element of his performance stands out.

The 2022 Golden Isaac Award goes, of course, to the epic beard Isaac sports as Duke Leto Atreides. The facial hair was featured early on in promotional stills for the film and immediately left fans speechless. But Isaac’s commanding new look did more than just make fans swoon for him all over again. It adds authority, gravitas, and presence to his character. Isaac can pull off just about any style, but his Dune beard feels like an especially notable achievement.

The ‘Dune’ star next appears in Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’

As if Isaac’s career wasn’t already in full swing, the newly minted Isaac Award winner has an equally thrilling 2022 lined up. In March, he’s set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the Disney+ series Moon Knight. The actor previously appeared as the titular villain in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse. But Moon Knight marks his MCU debut.

That isn’t the only Marvel superhero he’ll play in 2022, however. Isaac made a brief cameo in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as the Spider-Man 2099 version of the character. And he reprises the role for the upcoming sequel, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One), due out in theaters on October 7, 2022.

The 2022 Isaac Awards winners will be announced on March 24.

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