The Jedi’s Downfall and Ahsoka Are The Focus Of The New ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 Trailer

The Clone Wars fans everywhere took a collective gasp Jan. 22 because the final trailer for Season 7 was released online. And it did not disappoint. Lucasfilm already released a trailer at Star Wars Celebration in April of 2019, but this is the last stretch before the beloved series’ premiere. With the trailer launch, a poster for the season also came out, setting the release date as Feb. 21. Even though there are two trailers now, this one gave a lot of information, yet still has a lot for us to speculate over. So let’s break down what we saw. 

Ahsoka facing off against Maul in 'The Clone Wars' Season 7 trailer.
Ahsoka facing off against Maul in ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 trailer | Lucasfilm

Bo Katan witnesses the destruction of Mandalore

The trailer starts with Maul’s voiceover as he’s discussing how the “galaxy will be remade.” He mentions the destruction of the Jedi and the Republic and it’s very clear that Palpatine has been feeding him his ultimate plan. Even though Maul wanted to take over Mandalore for his personal gain, Palpatine got wind of it, shut it down, and killed Maul’s brother Savage Opress. Palpatine did say he had plans for Maul, so it’s even more clear here that he’s being used as a pawn.

Bo Katan is looking over the ruins of Mandalore and the conflict is growing and destroying the once vibrant planet. This shot sets up the Siege of Mandalore when the Republic finally goes in to help. Even though she was a part of Death Watch, she left with a small group when Maul took over. They saw his reign as a betrayal to their people and tradition. She’s seen with Ahsoka in the first trailer and in this one shaking hands, so it’s obvious why Ahsoka comes back to help fight against Maul. 

Ahsoka’s distrust in the Jedi has grown

Speaking of, Ahsoka, she is the star of this trailer. That’s not a surprise since she’s also a fan favorite, but it also narratively makes sense. She was at her lowest of lows at the end of Season 5 when she left the Jedi Order, which they show in the new trailer. She goes to the underworld of Coruscant and made some allies. 

Even though her choice to leave the Jedi Order was pretty solid, it also pained her. Up until that point, she had never even thought of leaving; she was an exemplary Jedi through and through. But with the way the Jedi treated her, it makes sense that her introspection has caused the distrust with them to grow. “We were trained to be keepers of the peace, not soldiers,” she says in this trailer, nearly mimicking Barriss Offee’s sentiment at her trial

She’s now working with Bo Katan to keep that peace while fighting Maul and Death Watch on Mandalore, which we’ve seen bits and pieces here and there in the trailers. They also show her battalion of Clone troopers with armor painted in her markings. They truly are dedicated to their Commander, no matter how long she’s been away. Order 66 is going to be a tough thing to get through this time around.

Some fans pointed out that new (but familiar) faces are in this season

Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that not only are we going to get all of our favorite The Clone Wars characters back, but familiar ones will pop up for the first time in the series too. User @General_Memes posted a screenshot that seems to show a young Kanan Jarrus (Star Wars Rebels) at the table as Mace Windu talks about the plot to destroy the Jedi. 

At the time, he’s known as Caleb Dume and his master Depa Billaba is standing next to him, too, as this clearer screenshot seems to show.

And others, like user @ImmortaISoldier, laid out how closely The Clone Wars will reenact Revenge of the Sith. As we know, this season might not start at the same time as the beginning of Episode III, but it will end with Order 66, making it happen concurrently with the film. Which also explains why Padmé is pregnant in a shot from the trailer. 

Possible moments from Order 66 are in the trailer

As stated briefly above, this season is going to wreck many fans’ hearts, because it shows Order 66 and another side to the destruction of the Jedi. Which will only hurt more because we’ll see how it affects Captain Rex, who no longer has an obedience chip in his head, like his brothers. 

This trailer might also show some moments when the Jedi are being slaughtered. Ahsoka is seen holding her head while in hyperspace, similar to how Yoda reacts to the devastation in Revenge of the Sith. This could mean that this moment is while she’s fleeing Mandalore after the siege, or it’s when Anakin turns to the Dark Side. Either option is bad, of course. 

Some of these observations are just speculation, while others follow what we already know about this season. But regardless of what happens, it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster.