The Jester Costume on ‘The Masked Singer’ Almost Got the Axe For Being ‘Too Hot for TV’

In the world of Fox’s hit variety show The Masked Singer, almost anything goes. Fans have seen all kinds of bizarre costumes. However, there was one character, in particular, this season that didn’t make the cut. Find out why Fox almost axed the Jester costume and how it ended up being on the show.

The Jester on stage with Nick Cannon during The Masked Singer almost didn't make it to the stage because their costume was too racy.
The Jester | Photo courtesy of ‘The Masked Singer’ Official YouTube Channel

The Jester costume on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6 was too ‘racy’ for Fox executives

First of all, we’re just going to say it. The Jester is easily the creepiest costume we’ve seen on The Masked Singer out of any season. If you’re afraid of clowns, just imagine your worst nightmare, and that’s pretty close to what you’ll see when the Jester makes their debut on the show.

However, it wasn’t the mask that caused execs at Fox to pause and possibly wonder, “Will this character give small children nightmares for the rest of their lives?” No, it was another … ahem … area. 

For those not in the know (and why would you be, unless you’re googling “somewhat perverted Masked Singer costumes?”), the Jester’s costume involved a bodysuit. We can’t say for sure, but it looks like it’s made of Lycra. If anyone is familiar with Lycra, you know it hugs every inch of your body. Someone thought the Jester might need a little more protection in the groin area, so they created a codpiece for the outfit.

However, the codpiece caused the Fox executives to wonder if maybe this costume wasn’t suitable for children. According to TMZ, “We’re told the OG Jester costume had a specific vision for the look … a codpiece to protect his, um, family jewels. But, during rehearsals, we’re told the codpiece caught the eyes of FOX execs, and the network instantly deemed the Jester “too hot for TV.”

Will fans see the Jester on this season of ‘The Masked Singer?’

If you are morbidly curious about what the Jester will look like when they perform, you aren’t alone. Thankfully, the costume department made some adjustments to the bodysuit, making the outfit a little more family-friendly. 

Fox recently released a clip of the Jester’s debut, and yes, it’s just as freaky as you imagined. Even the panelists were scared when they saw them take the stage. “That’s a little disturbing,” panelist Nicole Scherzinger says when the nightmare fuel walked out. “I can’t unsee this,” Ken Jeong agrees.


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Which other characters will perform this week?

Last week, audiences saw the Cupcake’s big reveal, and it was Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters behind the mask. Fans also saw performances from the Banana Split and the debut of another wildcard, the Caterpillar.

This week it’s back to Group A. Fans can expect something from the Skunk, the Pepper, the Bull, and the Hamster. We’re not sure when the Jester will perform so, we can’t tell you when exactly you’ll need to cover your eyes.

Fans of The Masked Singer already have their predictions ready for some of the group, but nothing will be confirmed until the mask comes off. You can watch The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights on Fox.