The Kardashians Gave Their Fans ‘Secondhand Embarrassment’ for Selling a T-shirt

The Kardashians are used to drama and controversy and have been embroiled in many messy debates over the years. However, in light of the recent drama surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and the reported conditions on her talk show, the Kardashians are about to get even deeper in the mess. Recently, some fans on Reddit noticed that the Kardashian family‘s resale clothing site, Kardashian Kloset, had a very interesting piece of clothing listed for sale — a T-shirt given to the family by embattled talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. 

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The Kardashians are selling T-shirts given to them by Ellen DeGeneres

In early 2019, Kris Jenner appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show. DeGeneres, a noted friend of the Kardashian family, has welcomed nearly everyone from Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian West to her set over the years, but this particular appearance was noteworthy for the fact that six of Jenner’s grandchildren made a surprise appearance, startling Jenner into happy tears, according to Mirror.

Ellen DeGeneres was apparently prepared for the surprise, however, and after talking to the children and asking them a few questions, presented the adorable youngsters with T-shirts that she had made just for the occasions. The shirts featured a simple white background and a pink heart, which had the word “Lovey” inscribed in it. “Lovey” is what Kris Jenner’s grandchildren call her, making the shirts a sweet, touching reminder of Jenner’s love for her grandchildren. 

Fans have ‘secondhand embarrassment’ over the T-shirt sales

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Unfortunately, the Kardashian-Jenner family doesn’t seem to be an overly sentimental bunch. Recently, some sharp-eyed fans took to Reddit to discuss the fact that one of the shirts that DeGeneres gave the family ended up on the Kardashian family’s resale clothing site, Kardashian Kloset. The shirt, which was listed at $25, sold not long after it was listed, but the fact that it was listed for sale at all bothered many fans.

“Wow…secondhand embarrassment here,” one poster on Reddit stated, while another stated that “unless the money goes directly 100% to charity, then this is super trashy.” One fan slammed the Kardashians for selling a gift, making the point that: “Is it just me, or is it crazy stingy for literal billionaires to sell their kid’s secondhand shirt for $25 instead of just donating the clothes or proceeds.” A few posters pointed out that nowhere on the listing for the shirt did it mention that the proceeds would go to charity, with other Reddit members calling the family “trashy” and even suggesting that they listed the shirt for sale on purpose to try to “boost their relevancy.” Of course, there is another reason why the family could be selling the gift from DeGeneres, one that fans also discussed. 

Ellen DeGeneres could be losing the Kardashians as friends

Ellen DeGeneres is currently embroiled in a major controversy, after a slew of former employees and associates spoke out against her, claiming that she is very unkind behind the scenes and that her talk show is a toxic work environment. In light of the accusations, DeGeneres has remained mostly in hiding and has not spoken out directly regarding her reputation as a mean person, although she did address the rumors about her show’s work environment. A few of DeGeneres’s celebrity friends have defended the star, although, notably, the Kardashians have been silent.

It is possible that the T-shirt being listed for sale is the family’s way of distancing themselves from DeGeneres. After all, they are dealing with their own drama, including Kanye West’s recent public spiral. It could be that fans know now all that they need to about the state of the family’s relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.