‘The Kominsky Method’: How Much Is Sandy Kominsky’s Rare Classic Car Worth?

It would make sense that Michael Douglas’ character, Sandy Kominsky, would drive a classic car. After all, the Netflix original, The Kominsky Method, was all about an aging Hollywood actor who became a revered acting coach. Sandy had a fair bit of money, evidenced by the famed house he called home and the car he drove. So, how much would Sandy’s car be worth exactly?

What kind of car did Sandy Kominsky drive in ‘The Kominsky Method’?

A classic Hollywood actor needs to drive a classic Hollywood car. The characters on The Kominsky Method are no exception. Sandy drove a 1969 Mercedes-Benz W111, Model 280 SE Cabriolet. The car isn’t just a classic, though. It was incredibly rare when it was first built, too. According to IMDb, Mercedes only produced 1390 in 1969. 

Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky speaks to police next to his classic car in season 2 of 'The Kominsky Method'
Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky | Netflix

The W111 came in several iterations. First, Mercedes offered drivers a four-door model. Later, the company added a coupe and a cabriolet version. The cabriolet was the rarest, with around 6,000 leaving the production line during the ten years that Mercedes made the car. Production ended in 1971.

How much is Sandy Kominsky’s car worth?

Sandy’s rare car was in great condition and likely would fetch a fair bit of money at auction. According to Classic, the car could bring anywhere from $100,000 and $200,000 at auction, depending on several factors. While the price isn’t low, Sandy was technically driving a modestly priced classic.

Sure, the Mercedes-Benz W111 Model 280 SE Cabriolet is a gorgeous car. Still, the vintage Mercedes’ price tag wouldn’t make most serious car collectors flinch. In 2018 a 1963 Ferrari GTO became the most expensive car ever to be sold. The car fetched $70 million in a private deal. Reportedly, Ferrari made just 36 before halting production.

Sandy Kominsky’s home in ‘The Kominsky Method’ was a bit more modest, at least by Hollywood standards

If Sandy were a real person, the car he drove wouldn’t have been his only asset. According to Dirt, Kominsky’s home, located in the Hollywood Hills, is pretty famous, too. Renowned architect Harry Gesner built the house in 1959. Gesner took on a challenging job to design homes that contractors could build on narrow lots and into the side of a canyon.

Norman and Sandy sit in Sandy's 1969 Mercedes 280 SE Cabriolet in a sxcene for 'The Kominsky Method'
Norman Newlander and Sandy Kominsky in ‘The Kominsky Method’ | Netflix

He did just that. Using artisans to build the unique structures, Gesner modeled the homes after the look of a boat cabin. The interiors are small and cozy, with efficient use of the space. Built on stilts, the rear of the house is where the magic happens. Floor-to-ceiling windows let the light shine through over sweeping views. Still, the homes aren’t worth a fortune, at least not by California standards. According to Dwell, the houses built by Gesner rarely go on the market, but a recent sale puts the value of the properties at just under $1 million.

In contrast, Norman Newlander’s home is estimated to be worth nearly $5 million. The Kominsky Method used a traditional Georgian house in Central Los Angeles for all exterior shots of Norman’s abode. According to Realtor. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and over 3,000 square feet of living space. 

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