‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Fans React to That Shocking Wedding Scene

The second season of The L Word: Generation Q finally arrived on Showtime on Sunday, Aug. 8, after a wait of almost two years. Ever since it went on break, fans had been wondering if Sophie would go through with her marriage to Dani. She ultimately did — or at least, she tried to. On their big day, pure chaos broke out, leaving fans in total shock.

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Dani and Sophie’s wedding got crashed by Finley

As much as Sophie wanted to tell Dani the truth about her and Finley, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She ultimately took Alice up on her word not to tell Dani, but it wound up coming out — on their wedding day. Just moments after Dani walked down the aisle to Sophie, Finley burst in and came clean about her feelings for Sophie. “Pretty sure you love me too,” Finley added.

Audible gasps came from the dozens of people in the room as a genuinely confused Dani asked Sophie to explain what was happening. Sophie tried to find the words, but she was clearly too shocked to say anything.

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Fans weigh in on the wedding scene in ‘The L Word: Generation Q’

The events at Dani and Sophie’s wedding left many viewers stunned and annoyed. Although Finley can be a wild card, many people thought she would have more respect and decency than that.

“Dani didnt need this humiliation,” one fan wrote under the YouTube video of the scene. “I mean… Finley was her friend too. That was so f—– up.”

“The definition of selfishness in a nutshell,” said another. “What about some private conversation? No, I’m too [narcissistic] for that, I need everyone staring at me, my feelings are that important.”

“lol yeah I definitely would not show up at the wedding,” wrote a third fan. “The day before for sure. This encounter is meant for a private conversation not public humiliation”

“The worst thing ever to happen at a wedding,” commented another. “Has Finley never heard of what’s app, or had the use of a smart phone. She could have contacted sophie b4 the wedding to say how she felt, NOT do this. I would never forgive either of them…EVER!”

But not everyone felt the same way

Others agreed the whole situation sucked, but they’re also loving the drama of it all.

“I’ve come to be the devil’s advocate. Loved this scene, I love Finley, she’s messy and she’s a comfort to me because of that. GO OFF GURL,” one comment read.

“This is so messy and I’m here for it!🌈💖” said another.

“Gosh, this was so 🤯,” read one more comment.

It’ll be interesting to see the aftermath of the situation. Dani made it clear that cheating is a dealbreaker for her, but she also had no idea that this would ever happen with Sophie. We guess we’ll see how she reacts in the next episode.

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