‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Sophie Picked…

Who did Sophie choose? That’s something fans of The L Word: Generation Q have wondered ever since the end of the first season, which aired back in January 2020. The show finally answered that question in the first episode of season 2 — but that’s not all that happened on the TV show. Let’s break down the episode, here.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for The L Word: Generation Q Season 2 Episode 1.]

Rosanny Zayas in The L Word: Generation Q
Rosanny Zayas in ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ | | Jennifer Clasen/SHOWTIME

Everyone is in new life stages

The episode opens with Sophie being greeted by Dani at their wedding rehearsal. It turns out the two decided to forgo their Hawaiian wedding plans in favor of a more traditional ceremony. Inside, Dani’s father gives a moving speech about the couple and officially welcomes Sophie into their family.

Meanwhile, Shane meets up with a gambler named Eddie for a card game. Checking out a woman at the table, Shane is told by Eddie to behave herself. But the flirting continues when she meets server Chloe.

Across town, Alice and Nat are trying to pick up the kids from school. Traffic isn’t moving, so the pair decide to slide in the backseat for a quickie. Alice begins to make her way into the chair just as Gigi opens the door and climbs in. Annoyed by Gigi’s constant interruptions, Alice and Nat remark they wish she had a girlfriend.

At Bette’s house, Tina is over for a meal with her partner Carrie, who is pretty much the exact opposite of Bette. Things lighten up when Angie enters the room — well, at least for a moment. When Tina and Carrie begin to discuss their wedding plans, Angie says she still needs to get to know her donor. Unfortunately, her parents aren’t willing to share that information until she’s 18, so she’ll have to wait a little while longer.

Dani and Sophie’s wedding grows closer

Dani is at home, overwhelmed by wedding planning. Micah was supposed to be helping her, but he told her he needed to go to the gym. In reality, Micah was hooking up with Jose, who still hasn’t left his husband. Before leaving, Micah complains about their “complicated” situation, but Jose says he needs to give his husband another chance.

After taping an episode of Alice, Alice and Sophie order coffee and debrief. Alice offers Sophie a promotion, but Sophie wants to think it over. The topic turns to their coffee order, which Alice complains is nothing like Finley would make. She misses her and, after Sophie leaves, decides to call her up.

After school, Angie tells Jordi about the events that happened at home. Jordi recommends getting a genetics test, but Angie doesn’t think Bette will go for it, especially because Carrie had the idea first.

At the same time, Bette hangs out with Alice and Shane and shares her feelings about Carrie. Hoping to cheer her up, Alice says she’s going to set Bette up with the “perfect” blind date. She also gets a big offer at the art gallery.

Back at work, Alice shares the details of her conversation with Finley to Sophie. She told Finley that they miss her and that she’s welcome to return to work whenever she wants. Sophie freaks and confesses why Finley can’t come back. Alice suggests she leave it in the past, but Sophie thinks she should “just go to the wedding rehearsal and tell” Dani.

When the day comes, Sophie can’t find the words to say to Dani. Micah and Maribel urge her to come out with it, and she says she will. Dani happens to hear them, but she doesn’t get the full details.

Things escalate

One evening, Bette gets dressed up to go on her blind date. Before she leaves, she has a conversation with Angie, who clarifies her intentions in wanting to learn more about her donor. Bette emphasizes their promise to him to keep him anonymous and gets Angie to agree to wait. She then leaves for her date, which turns out to be Gigi. Seeing Tina and Carrie puts an even bigger damper on the evening, but Gigi consoles Bette.

While Shane exchanges flirty texts with Chloe, Alice and Nat spend time together at home. Alice begins to kiss her, but Nat falls asleep on the couch. She snaps at her as Nat tries to come up with an excuse for dozing off.

Thinking there’s a poker game that night, Shane makes her way to Eddie’s. Eddie is pissed that Shane has been texting her “wife” and refuses to refund Shane her money. “That’s fair,” Shane says, before leaving.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Dani visit a nightclub. Sophie is ready to tell the truth, but when Dani casually mentions cheating as a dealbreaker, she clams up. It ultimately comes out on their wedding day, when Finley bursts into the room and shares her feelings for Sophie. Dani questions what’s happening, but Sophie is speechless.

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