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‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Stars Reveal Season 2 Deleted Scenes

There was a lot to take in in the second season of 'The L Word: Generation Q.' Whether it was Sophie and Finley, Dani and Gigi, or Bette and Tina, everyone went through so much in just 10 episodes. But there was also a lot that didn't make it on to the show. Here are three of the scenes that didn't make the cut.

A lot went down in the second season of The L Word: Generation Q. But there was also a lot that didn’t make it onto the TV show.

In an interview, showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan revealed several deleted scenes from The L Word: Generation Q Season 2 and the reasons they were cut.

The cast of 'The L Word: Generation' pose for a photo together at an event for the show
(L-R) Stephanie Allynne, Arienne Mandi, Jacqueline Toboni, Katherine Moennig, Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Sepideh Moafi, Rosanny Zayas, and Leo Sheng on the red carpet at an event for Showtime’s ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ in December 2019 in Los Angeles, California | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

‘The L Word: Generation Q’ had an eventful second season

Like the 2004 series The L Word, Generation Q explores the connections between people. Bette Porter, Shane McCutcheon, and Alice Pieszecki are all back, but it also introduced Sophie Suarez, Sarah Finley, Dani Núñez, Gigi Ghorbani, and Micah Lee, among others.

This season, everyone faced new challenges in their relationships. Whether it was Bette and Tina Kennard, Shane and Tess Van De Berg, or Micah and Maribel Suarez, they all had to make decisions that would affect them both in some way.

In the end, season 2 left off with several cliffhangers, notably including Tina seemingly prepared to admit her feelings for Bette. That leaves fans to speculate on what could happen when the show returns.

The deleted scenes from season 2

Ryan spoke about the deleted scenes from season 2 on the Pants podcast, hosted by Katherine Moennig and Leisha Hailey. She initially could only remember moving the Micah and Maribel storyline around to happen earlier. But then she was reminded of more cut scenes.

“Like Alice for instance had a whole scene on the airplane that isn’t there because the decision was kind of obvious that she was making,” Hailey explained, referring to the scene where Alice found an engagement ring in Tom’s jacket. “… When the cuts were being made that was the reason, that we know what the characters are deciding and we don’t want to know what the characters are deciding.”

“I think Shane and Tess also had a second love scene following their ‘I love you’ thing, which was to show some sort of angst or sadness or longing,” Moennig added. But that scene was also cut.

“It felt like we knew [Tess] was leaving, and it felt too closed, and we wanted to open some things up,” Ryan explained. “Same thing with Bette and Tina, like there’s more to that scene [when Tina surprised Bette].”

“And people will never see it. But now the curiosity has peaked, and everyone wants to know it and what these characters have decided,” Hailey added.

The hope is for another season of ‘The L Word: Generation Q’

If there’s another season of the show, fans should get answers to some of those cliffhangers. So far, Showtime has not said whether there will be a third season. But Ryan thinks it’ll be renewed, as she said on the podcast.

Stream the second season now on Showtime.


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