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The Last of Us fans might only have to survive a few more months without its TV adaptation. The month of January has seen a few exciting updates for HBO‘s The Last of Us series so far, including a new cast member and a possible release date window sometime in 2022. It seems HBO is picking up the pace on the show, bringing fans one step closer to seeing Joel and Ellie’s journey in a new way.

HBOs The Last of Us cast members Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel stare at a grass field
‘The Last of Us’ TV adaptation | Naughty Dog/HBO

Bella Ramsey reshared a post claiming ‘The Last of Us’ has a 2022 release date window

HBO has yet to reveal the official release date for The Last of Us, but lead actor Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, shared a hint. As TheGamer reported, Ramsey reshared an Instagram Stories post from IMDb that previewed the adaptation.

“Fans of the video game likey already have this upcoming adaptation on their radar. Pedro Pascal is set to play Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting a teenage girl (Bella Ramsey) across a zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic America,” the preview read.

Along with the description, IMDb’s post claimed The Last of Us would premiere in 2022 on HBO Max, HBO’s streaming service.

Without HBO’s official confirmation, it’s hard to say whether the series will actually premiere this year. However, the news is certainly exciting for many The Last of Us fans.

‘Euphoria’ star Storm Reid joined ‘The Last of Us’ cast as Riley

Just hours before Ramsey’s post, HBO confirmed yet another The Last of Us cast member. Per Deadline, Euphoria star Storm Reid will guest star as Riley Abel, Ellie’s best friend.

Riley appeared in the original video game’s DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind, as she and Ellie embarked on their own journey of survival before Ellie met Joel. It’s unclear if Riley will serve the same story in the show; HBO simply described the character as “an orphan in Boston.”

Reid is only the latest in a long line of guest stars. HBO previously announced Anna Torv, Nick Offerman, Nico Parker, Gabriel Luna, Jeffrey Pierce, and Murray Bartlett. Additionally, Merle Dandridge, the voice of Marlene in the original game, will reprise her role.

‘The Last of Us’ plot details have been kept mostly under wraps


‘The Last of Us’ HBO Show to Be More Expensive Than ‘Game of Thrones’

HBO gave fans quite a few updates on The Last of Us in 2021 as the series kicked off production. The network offered first-look photos, like the one seen above, and several cast announcements. However, in terms of what to expect from the plot, HBO has stuck to only a brief synopsis:

The series takes place 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey, as they both must traverse the U.S. and depend on each other for survival.

Hopefully, the alleged 2022 release date window means HBO will share more information soon. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more updates on The Last of Us series.