The Latest Kanye West Conspiracy Theory Might Involve Kim Kardashian Clones

It was inevitable that someone as ubiquitous and mysterious as Kanye West would become the target of conspiracy theories.

Well, most of those are in jest if going by recent comments on social media. In a time when conspiracy theories have become the norm again, hearing about West investing in more ranches (this time in Montana) has people talking.

Recently, on Reddit, some speculated West has something odd afoot in buying up so many ranch outposts. He was seen buying yet another in Montana while accompanied by a bodyguard.

So are he and Kim Kardashian really getting into ranch life, or is something very weird going on? The latest tongue-in-cheek theory is he wants to create clones of his wife.

Purchasing a large Montana ranch from Mel Gibson

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West | Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

Someone reported on Reddit recently that West was spotted in Columbus, Montana, a mere dot on the map with a minuscule population. Reportedly, West wants to buy a large ranch there (Beartooth Ranch) currently owned by Mel Gibson of all people.

From the outset, this looks simply like wanting to buy a place to escape to when wanting to get away from the craziness of Southern California. Others think there may be something more planned, particularly because this is not the only ranch West owns.

Fans may already know he and Kardashian bought two ranches in Wyoming last year as seeming bastions of escape. However, he also uses these properties to hold many of his controversial Sunday Services.

These ranch acquisitions might sound odd, yet many note celebrities often invest in sprawling ranches, says Business Insider, because of their real estate value. Perhaps this is just a property investment opportunity for West, if still nurturing wild speculation from the online community.

The latest conspiracy theories on Reddit about Kanye West

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When someone started a thread on Reddit recently asking why West is buying so many ranches, the responses were more than a little uproarious. As one commenter said: “What’s with all these ranches? Have they just really gotten into ranch life, are these investment properties, is he starting a cult?!”

Another comment said “D. All of the above.” Yes, the idea that West is starting his own cult might sound over the top, if always kept alive due to his influence. After all, his Sunday Service rallies are usually done in white robes and often employ ritualistic, cult-like actions.

At the same time, West insists he is a full God-loving Christian, perhaps making the Sunday Services misunderstood. Even so, he may never escape the idea he created a cult for himself, particularly when saying his Wyoming ranch was a Yeezy Campus.

Then another wild conspiracy theory came up: The ranches are maybe cloning centers for the Kardashians.

Could it be a Yeezy Farm?

The conspiracy barbs kept coming on the above Reddit thread. Another user quipped: “Exactly, he’s building a Yeezy Farm where he is cloning Kim Kardashians.”

In an age where groups like QAnon exist to uphold the craziest possible ideas about famous people and our government, nothing is off the table now. As facetious as the above comment about cloning is, more than a few people are apt to believe it.

Considering how ubiquitous Kim Kardashian is lately, maybe she really is being cloned by her husband. He sort of did this anyway in 2018, offhandedly, when hiring various celebs to impersonate Kim, per Vogue, to show off his new fashion line.

A more plausible theory later came up: West maybe bought the ranches as a form of doomsday prep. With the world as it is now and West’s power, perhaps he just wants a solitary place in case the big cities become unlivable.

More than anything, everyone should hope West finds peace at his ranches where he may be less apt to have manic episodes of wanting to rule the world.