‘The Legend of Korra’: Why Does This Show Get So Much Hate From ‘ATLA’ Fans?

The Legend of Korra arrives on Netflix on Aug. 14, and for many fans of the series and Kasami, this is great news. Following Avatar: The Last Airbender’s celebrated debut on the platform back in May, the sequel to that hit show is poised to make Netflix’s top 10. Korra has been trending on social media for days.

Part of that reason is over revived discussions about the series and the group of ATLA fans who don’t like it at all. On the one hand, The Legend of Korra has an enthusiastic fan base who loved the storylines, relationships, and characters as much as they loved ATLA.

The series picked up with Aang’s avatar lineage and his bloodline after his death, and it managed to weave in remnants of the beloved hero.

On the other hand, there is an equally enthusiastic group who have their reasons for disliking Korra and the show in general. But why? We did a little digging.

The Legend of Korra
‘The Legend of Korra’ | Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Some ‘Legend of Korra’ viewers had a problem with Korra herself

Those who don’t like Avatar Korra have mixed views about her. Some think she’s arrogant and bratty and frequently compare her to Aang. Others find her character to be disappointing and weak for someone who’s supposed to be the avatar.

Some Redditors point to Korra’s fights and feel that her friends typically jump in to help or save her. They just didn’t get avatar vibes from her at all.

One fan said they couldn’t stand how her personality changed from season to season. Another said he didn’t care for her impatience or how she came in between Mako and sweet Bolin.

Remember when Bolin had a major crush on her? It’s true she became great friends with both brothers and forged a relationship with Mako’s ex, Asami, but it was complicated.

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Some don’t like how bending is treated in ‘Korra’

Another area where fans make major comparisons is the use of bending in Legend of Korra. They feel that the origins and progression of bending weren’t really fleshed out in the show.

Specifically, specialized areas such as lava bending, lightning bending, and metal bending lacked depth in their exploration and explanation for some fans.

Many acknowledge Korra’s general badassery in terms of combat and purging that poison out of her system. However, some think she should’ve received more training in bending the elements and their spiritual connections.

Others analyzed the heavy use of advanced technology in Legend of Korra and felt it overshadowed the meaning and rarity of one’s bending skills. For some fans, the importance and raw awesomeness of bending talents (as seen with Mako, Bolin, Lin, and even Kuvira) takes a back seat in the story.

The storylines don’t jibe with everyone

This may sound basic, but some fans simply don’t care for the story. There were mature themes in Korra about politics, genocide, love, and family, but a segment of the ATLA fandom found the storylines to be rushed.

Others aren’t down with the different villain each season and would’ve preferred a more cohesive tale in that regard.

Plenty of fans defend ‘The Legend of Korra’

In your family or circle of friends, there are probably some people who are familiar with both series. They either love both or prefer one more than the other, and will debate their position.

But Korra’s journey as a human and an avatar were her own, and she had to overcome her fair share of obstacles. Harmonic convergence was a big deal. Zaheer almost killed her. And Korra had to learn about humility, love, and beating fear. Her journey was not Aang’s.  

The characters in The Legend of Korra are just as engaging as those in ATLA, and it’s an aspect of the show that’s converted former Korra haters into Korra admirers upon a re-watch. Be sure to dive in on Aug. 14 when the series drops on Netflix and prepare for Korra fans to unite.