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Dan Brown is one of the top-selling authors when it comes to his thriller novels. His hit novel series with the title character Robert Langdon has sold millions of copies worldwide. With Brown’s success came a movie franchise adaptation with Hollywood actor Tom Hanks in the lead role as Robert Langdon. For many, Brown’s use of themes of cryptography, art, and conspiracy theories and deeply rooted storyline of engaging Christian plot elements was a grand success. The only novel that was not turned into a movie, The Lost Symbol, is now a television show.

In 2021, Peacock released their own Dan Brown television show titled The Lost Symbol. Based on the author’s novel of the same name, The Lost Symbol show follows a young Robert Langdon and his adventures. The show premiered in Sept. and has relatively good reviews by fans and critics that question if it is worth watching.

Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon for 'The Lost Symbol' show on Peacock wearing a suit and tie wit two other characters
Actor Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon for ‘The Lost Symbol’ | via Peacock

Robert Langon sets out to find his missing mentor in ‘The Lost Symbol’

The Lost Symbol show follows a very similar concept to Tom Hank’s rendition in the movie franchises. The key difference is that Robert Langdon, played by Fear Street actor Ashley Zukerman, is a young college professor. In the series, Langdon is well-versed in religious iconology and symbols, much like the movies and novels. When his mentor suddenly disappears, it’s up to Langdon to find him. His mentor Peter Solomon is played by actor and stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard.

The CIA contacts Langdon to solve a series of clues and deadly puzzles by an unknown antagonist. Under the control of another, Langdon is sent to find a secret portal in the capital. Unlike the movies, the show takes place in one location, Washington D.C. As Langdon tinkers with the secretive and unknown, he uncovers something much greater. The show is off to a good start and is worth watching whether a fan of Dan Brown or not.

‘The Lost Symbol’ has just enough intrigue and suspense to capture viewers attention

When wondering if The Lost Symbol show is worth watching, the answer is yes. The series is worth watching if curious about how the book translates into a series or a fan of mystery and puzzles. According to IGN, they describe “Nothing in The Lost Symbol is meant to crack molds or rattle cages, but if you’re looking to turn off your brain for a bit while a few “smart” characters spout off smart things, it’s fine entry-level intrigue.”

The Lost Symbol has the right actors for the roles with Zukerman giving his Langdon portrayal enough interest that bodes well with the character’s sense of humor and his incredible intellect. The show also ties in Soloman’s daughter in the quest for answers and Langdon’s former flame. Fans are in for a good storyline if the show follows the thrilling adventure like the original novel.

Dan Brown fans understand why his novels are popuar in an unconventional way

It is no surprise a majority of the viewers tuning in to The Lost Symbol show are fans of Brown’s original novels and movie franchise. Tom Hanks brought to life Robert Langdon in memorable ways. When the show’s first trailer premiered, fans were willing to give the series a chance based on Brown’s book.

Brown’s The Lost Symbol was not a mass success. Many fans commented on Reddit about what makes Brown’s novels successful in an unconventional way. “I read every book by the guy and it’s like I know this isn’t great literature, but there’s something so fun about the page-turning stuff, the crazy relationships, and all the questionable facts throughout the book. His books are written in a way to be a fun read no matter what. Magnificent bullsh*t is the perfect word for it,” said one Reddit user.

Fans who have watched the television show have similar words. One Reddit user commented the writing of the series is in no way spectacular. But, the series does more than enough to capture a viewer’s interest with its compelling plot. If the series is a success, fans wonder if this will lead to more Brown adaptations of his popular novels and movies like Angels & Demons or Inferno.

The Lost Symbol is available to stream on Peacock.