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Manifest Season 3 is coming soon, and social media is buzzing with theories about how the story will unfold when it returns to NBC in 2021. With that in mind, the showrunner and executive producer, Jeff Rake, has dished a few details to ponder, including which fan theories are definitely wrong. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about Manifest Season 2.]

Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh of 'Manifest'
Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh of ‘Manifest’ | Maarten de Boer/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via

The creative minds behind ‘Manifest’ posted a video for 828 Day

In a clever move, the creative minds behind Manifest claimed Aug. 28 as ‘828 Day.’ That is a nod to Montego Air Flight 828, the aircraft that kicked off the show’s central mystery when it disappeared for five years.

To commemorate the date, Manifest posted special video content on the official show page. In the video, Rake addressed two fan theories that have been circulated heavily on the Internet.

He cut to the chase calling out ‘two things you’re wrong about,’ promptly debunked both ideas, and left Manifest fanatics free to move on to new theories. Here’s what Rake had to say about the fan chatter.

Debunked Theory #1: The Major is a future version of another character

A popular belief among fans is that one of the main antagonists is actually a future version of one of the heroes. Specifically, many believe that the Major, Katherine Fitz, a 3-star General who specializes in psychological warfare, is Michaela’s future — much scarier — self.

That would be a huge twist in the already complicated narrative. Michaela has been a beacon of hope for many others on Manifest. On the other hand, the Major has executed some pretty gnarly plans. From impersonating Saanvi’s therapist to stealing her research to kidnapping passengers, the Major has been pretty bad news.

It would presumably take a life-altering event to transform the good cop Michaela into such a manipulative villain. Luckily for fans, Rake has weighed in on the theory and put the debate to rest.

“The Major is Michaela from the future. Debunked,” said Rake in the Twitter video. “Despite some people seeing a slight physical resemblance, and the fact that these women wear a similar necklace, the Major is not Michaela from the future. I can officially declare.”

Debunked Theory #2: The characters in ‘Manifest’ are a part of a simulation


‘Manifest’ Show Boss Pinpoints 8 Key Details From Season 2

“You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo,” Morpheus revealed in The Matrix. It turns out that many viewers have latched onto that idea and are convinced that the Flight 828 passengers are in the same predicament as Mr. Anderson before he was unplugged from the Matrix.

When Montego Flight 828 reappeared after five years with passengers aboard, it opened up a world of possibilities. Time travel, alternate realities, and simulated realities are all popular guesses in fan circles. Now, Rake has eliminated one of those theories.

Rake explained, “The world is a computer simulation, and the disappearance of Flight 828 was a glitch in the software. Debunked. This is not happening in any kind of Matrix-like universe. I assure you our story is happening in the real world.”

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