The ‘Manifest’ Showrunner Just Revealed 8 Juicy Spoilers for Season 3

“Not next week or next month, but soon enough, Manifesters,” creator and showrunner Jeff Rake tweeted in a Manifest Season 3 tease. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of NBC’s sci-fi drama, which left plenty of unanswered questions in the shocking season 2 finale. With that in mind, and in anticipation of season 3, Rake just revealed eight spoilers to ponder until the show returns in 2021. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about Manifest Seasons 2 and 3.]

Melissa Roxburgh and Matt Long of 'Manifest'
Melissa Roxburgh and Matt Long of ‘Manifest’ | James Dimmock/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

The ‘Manifest’ team celebrated ‘828 Day’ with a clever video tease

The disappearance and reappearance of Montego Air flight 828 kicked off the central mystery of Manifest. So, it is fitting that Aug. 28, or 8/28, is now recognized as 828 Day by many Manifesters. To celebrate the day, the Manifest creative team put together a witty video featuring Rake.

“Hey. I’m Manifest showrunner, Jeff Rake. Happy 828 Day,” began Rake in the video before launching into his spiel. As Rake teed up “eight things to look forward to next season,” the production crew did fans a solid by flashing a graphic, saying, “Warning: Spoilers Ahead.”

Jeff Rake’s ‘8 things to look forward to’ in ‘Manifest’ Season 3

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Rake spurred new questions and theories to consider when he called out the following details to expect during Manifest Season 3.

  1. “Ben and Saanvi do a deep dive on the Montego Air tail-fin that was recovered in the season 2 finale.
  2. A long-lost character will make a shocking reappearance.
  3. Jared will have a complicated new relationship with a love interest.
  4. A new passenger who we’ve never met will be introduced in the season premiere and will become integral to our series-long story.
  5. Season 3 picks up about three months after the season 2 finale.
  6. We’ll finally get to know someone from Grace’s side of the family. And let the fireworks begin.
  7. Michaela and Zeke move into a new place with an unexpected third party.
  8. Not all passengers are motivated to use the Callings for good.”

Jeff Rake’s final word

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Rake packed the special Twitter video with tons of content for eager fans. And he did not stop at divulging key plot points and teasing new characters. Rake concluded things by debunking Manifest fan theories and pointing out pivotal moments from Manifest season 2.

Season 3 should tie up some of the narrative threads left hanging after last season’s cliffhanger. In fact, Rake recently stated that we will “finally start to answer the question we’ve all been asking since the very first episode; What happened to that plane?” Until then, fans who want to rehash the mystery of Montego Air Flight 828 — and have a subscription to Peacock TV — can stream Manifest anytime.

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