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We’ve only seen six episodes of FOX’s The Masked Singer so far, but it’s already been a rollercoaster ride. With the likes of Dwight Howard (the Octopus), Vivica A. Fox (Mother Nature) and Toni Braxton (the Puffer Fish) showing off their dance moves, nothing is off the table for who could be next. This week the Dalmatian was revealed, and hip hop fans were shook.

[SPOILER: This article contains spoilers from The Masked Singer Season 6.]

Jenny McCarthy, one of the panelists of 'The Masked Singer,' was shocked at the reveal of hip hop star Tyga.
Panelist Jenny McCarthy | Photo by FOX via Getty Images

A locker room, weights, and a famous painting were part of the Dalmatian’s clues in ‘The Masked Singer’

In The Masked Singer, contestants give judges various clues to their true identity. The clip before the performance always has items in the background as the singer talks about anything from his life story to his favorite foods. 

The Dalmatian was shown in what looked like a locker room with different exercise equipment. He mentioned how he felt like he’s always been an underdog, and that’s part of the reason he chose the costume in the first place. His strength was listed as “weight lifting.” He came out on stage holding a football helmet. All signs pointed to an athlete, but other clues like the famous painting “The Scream” threw the judges off. 

It was evident that whoever was in the costume definitely knew how to work a stage during the performance. Judges also got to hear the Dalmatian’s singing skills which also went against the possibility he was an athlete.

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Everyone was shocked at the big reveal

The judges’ guesses ranged anywhere from Robin Thicke’s choice of Nelly, who is an athlete and a rapper, to Jenny McCarthy’s guess of Katt Williams. McCarthy used the painting of “The Scream” as a clue to the Scream and Scary Movie franchises. Williams was in Scary Movie V.

However, none of the judges guessed correctly. The man hiding behind the Dalmatian costume was none other than hip hop superstar Tyga. Audiences and judges alike were floored by the reveal.


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Having huge stars like Tyga help the popularity of ‘The Masked Singer’

When The Masked Singer first premiered, most of us thought it was a novel concept but not one that would likely stick around for long. What big celebrities want to dance around in a sweaty full-body costume? As it turns out, a lot of them!

We’ve seen Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Drew Carey, and even Bob Saget in previous seasons. It’s an excellent way for fans to see their favorite stars in different scenarios than what they’re used to. 

Thicke loved that the show had yet another massive star like Tyga. “We’re really lucky to have you on the show. Any time we get to have the young, hottest cats in the game on our show, it makes us all look a little cooler,” he said.

Tyga was just the first celebrity to be revealed in Group B, but we have four other members from the group who will continue on the show along with two wildcards. We have quite a few clues for each contestant, but that doesn’t make any guess a slam dunk. The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights on FOX.