‘The Masked Singer’: Every Season 6 Reveal We Know So Far

Fox’s The Masked Singer has only released four episodes of season 6, but there have already been some huge reveals. From a major hip-hop star to a Grammy-winning songstress, it’s clear that season 6 isn’t messing around when it comes to talent. Here are all of The Masked Singer Season 6 reveals we’ve seen so far.

The Masked Singer Spoilers focus on the character of The Baby
‘The Masked Singer’ | Michael Becker/FOX

‘The Masked Singer’ Octopus reveal was Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard

The celebrity dressed as the Octopus put on an excellent performance. The person sang and danced to Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti and gave clues that their favorite number was eight, and he used a gold telephone. He also told host Nick Cannon that he came on the show because his mom loved it so much.

The judges guessed a few different NBA players as the person behind the mask, but only Ken Jeong guessed Dwight Howard. However, once his identity was revealed, Howard was the first singer sent home in season 6.

Vivica A. Fox was revealed to be Mother Nature

Mother Nature was another character who performed on The Masked Singer Season 6 premiere episode. She sang Diana Ross’ famous I’m Coming Out and gave clues like how she’s never been a mother herself. She was the second contestant sent home after revealing her identity as famous actor Vivica A. Fox. 

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‘The Masked Singer’ celebrity dressed as the Pufferfish was Toni Braxton

The show revealed the Pufferfish’s identity on the second night of the two-night premiere of The Masked Singer. The performer sang to Doja Cat’s Say So and showed off her impressive rap skills. Audiences received a shock when the contestant removed the mask and behind it was none other than Grammy award-winning songstress Toni Braxton.

Hip hop star Tyga was the celebrity behind the Dalmatian

During the second week’s episode of The Masked Singer, the Dalmatian received the least amount of votes and had to reveal their character to the crowd. His clues included being an underdog and several shots of the Dalmatian working out in a locker room. It was clear the person in the costume knew how to work a stage, and judges guessed stars like Nelly and even comedian Steve Harvey. However, it was hip hop superstar Tyga hiding behind the mask.

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‘The Masked Singer’ Baby was revealed to be Larry the Cable Guy

The Baby chose to do two wildly different songs in his performances on The Masked Singer. He sang The Flintstones theme song and a song by Barry White, and honestly, he knocked it out of the park performing both. Judges and audiences alike were shocked when the mask was removed, and it was comedian and voice actor Larry the Cable Guy. 

‘The Masked Singer’ has a new twist this season with the ‘Take It Off Buzzer’

The Masked Singer Season 6 has a new feature called the “Take It Off Buzzer.” This makes things riskier for the contestants, but overall, it’s fun to see it put into play. The “Take It Off Buzzer” is used when a panelist thinks they know for sure who a contestant is. If they hit the button and are correct, the contestant has to reveal their identity and exit the competition. 

There’s still plenty of reveals coming up on this season of The Masked Singer. You can catch new episodes Wednesday nights on Fox.