‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Are Convinced the Snow Owls Are a Married Celebrity Couple

Fans were stunned when the Season 4 premiere of The Masked Singer introduced its first masked duo. And after hearing their moving performance, some fans are convinced the Snow Owls are a married celebrity couple.

The Snow Owls on 'The Masked Singer'
The Snow Owls on ‘The Masked Singer’ | FOX

The Snow Owls are the first duo on ‘The Masked Singer’

For the first time in The Masked Singer history, a duo is competing together. The Snowy Owls, in their white feathery costumes, blew the audience’s mind with their beautiful rendition of “Say Something” by A Great Big World. 

Their effortless harmonies and chemistry hinted they’d worked together before. But the Snow Owls clue package didn’t provide too many details about their identity. 

“So you haven’t seen us together in a while,” they say in the clip. “But now it’s time for a family reunion.”

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The female Snow Owl refers to the other as a “prankster” and “a real wise guy,” after exclaiming, “Oh, brother.” And the male Owl holds a red rose. 

They reveal that they were working in “sunny Hollywood” one summer, and began arguing while driving home and singing “Let It Snow.” They finally stopped bantering when they got to their nest and found it covered in snow. 

The clues package featured an image of a pearl, Christmas decorations, and a gingerbread house. And it also included street signs with the names “Magnolia” and “Quarrel Canyon.”

Who could the Snow Owls be?

The Snow Owls gave a melodious performance that wowed the judges. After analyzing their voices, Robin Thicke wondered if they were celebrity couple, Amy Grant and Vince Gill. 

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Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy both referenced the “Oh, brother” clue in the package and guessed they might be the sibling duo, Marie and Donny Osmond. And after noting Donny had already been on the show, Ken Jeong said he thought the Snow Owls were Eugene Levy and Katharine O’Hara.

‘The Masked Singer’ fans think the Snow Owls might be a celebrity couple

A few fans of The Masked Singer think the “brother” reference in the Snow Owls’ clue package may be misdirection. And that’s why some suggest the duo is country singer Clint Black and his wife, Linda Hartman Black. Many noted that the male owl’s voice is very similar to Clint’s and pointed out he has performed with his wife before. 

“I think they are Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black,” one Reddit user suggested. “It sounds just like them. I don’t know much about them, but the one clue that stood out to me was the pearl. They have a daughter named Lily Pearl.”

“I agree,” another Redditor added. “The “quarrel canyon” might also be a reference to Laurel Canyon, where the two lived prior to the birth of their daughter.”

With such beautiful voices, it’s safe to assume the Snow Owls won’t be unmasked anytime soon. Fans will just have to wait for more clues to see if they are actually a couple, or just siblings. New episodes of The Masked Singer air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.