‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Are Convinced That The Skunk is R&B Legend Faith Evans

On The Masked Singer, some costumes do a great job of concealing the celebrity behind the mask. But in the case of The Skunk, fans believe they’ve already cracked the code. Let’s take a look at why fans of the hit FOX competition show think it’s R&B legend Faith Evans.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Masked Singer are up ahead.]

The Masked Singer featuring The Skunk
The Skunk on ‘The Masked Singer’ | FOX Networks

‘The Masked Singer’ gave away a lot of clues about The Skunk

The Masked Singer made The Skunk come out and give away a lot of clues. According to Newsweek, the character all but bared her soul (perhaps another clue in the word “soul”?) on her first outing.

“I chose to be the Skunk because I relate to the duality, the yin and yang of it all,” she said. “And while life’s not always black and white, there are always certainly two sides to every story. I’m here to tell mine. Over the years, I’ve seen it all, honey. There might be misconceptions that I’m quick to get into a fight. But, honey, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve learned you don’t always have to react when provoked. I took a break for a minute to focus on family. But I’m ready to get back out there…and make it do what it do, boo.”

Some clues seemed ‘off’

According to Hello!, fans of The Masked Singer seemed a little bit thrown off by some of the clues.

One of the biggest things that threw them off was the Elvis Presley photo. That seemed to imply that The Skunk had connections to rock’n’roll. Or, it may have also suggested that the character had some connection to the South, or to Nashville. That meant that there could have been a country music star behind the mask.

But, in actuality, those clues only seemed to confirm that a legendary R&B singer was behind the mask.

But Faith Evans is almost certainly behind the mask

While fans of The Masked Singer may not be familiar with Faith Evans’ music, fans of R&B most certainly are. The connection to Elvis is pretty simple: both Evans and Elvis appeared on singles called “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Then, let’s consider what The Skunk said in her intro. First, she said that “there are two sides to every story,” and most people only know the “side” told by her infamous late husband (The Notorious B.I.G.). The “misconceptions” about getting into a fight could be referring to Evans’ stint on the show R&B Divas: Atlanta, where she was quick to get into fights with her co-stars. (Well, they did get on everyone’s nerves, in fairness.)

And as for the clue about “Seoul” and the letter “D” on the vase? Well, “Seoul” is pronounced “soul,” and “d-vase” sounds like “divas.” So, it’s all but right there that The Skunk is a soul diva. Can you think of a better phrase to describe Faith Evans? Because we can’t.

Now, this is all just speculation. We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of The Masked Singer to see the reveal.

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