‘The Masked Singer’: Potential Spoilers for Upcoming Reveals Like The Baby and The Banana Split

FOX’s The Masked Singer returned with season 6 on Sept. 22, 2021, and fans have already experienced some of the reveals. The show has enlisted some considerable talent this season, and audiences can assume even more is on the way. Here we dive into who has been revealed so far, along with some potential spoilers for upcoming performances.

The Masked Singer Spoilers focus on the character of The Baby
‘The Masked Singer’ | Michael Becker/FOX

[This article contains potential spoilers for ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6.]

Who has been revealed so far in ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6?

Just last week, we learned that the Dalmatian was none other than hip-hop star TygaThe Masked Singer panelists had a tough time figuring him out, and none of them successfully guessed who was behind the mask. His clues involved a weight room, referring to himself as an underdog, and he knew how to work a stage. 

Audiences learned that even though the star was dressed as Mother Nature, she didn’t have any children herself. Robin Thicke thought because the song Mother Nature sang was I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross, the person behind the mask was Tracee Ellis Ross. Others thought she might be a comedian like Aisha Tyler or Tiffany Haddish, but all were wrong. Vivica A. Fox was the celebrity in the costume.

The Puffer Fish, who sang Say So by Doja Cat, mentioned she stood out for her voice, but it wasn’t always in a good way. Audiences were shocked to find out that it was Toni Braxton on stage. There was also the Octopus. Everyone noticed how tall he was, but when he talked about how no one ever took him seriously, it made sense how some thought maybe he was a comedian. However, it was NBA star Dwight Howard dressed as the Octopus.

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Could this be a big ‘The Masked Singer’ spoiler for The Baby?

There are still plenty of performances left in the tank for other participants on The Masked Singer. The Baby has been a popular character so far this season, with fans guessing everyone from Alex Baldwin to Larry the Cable Guy to even Seth McFarlane. 

The character mentions running with a “baby rat pack” and says the line “I feel the need to feed,” which is a pretty obvious callback to Tom Cruise’s Days of Thunder. That movie focuses on race cars which is also what Pixar’s Cars is about. When one YouTuber slowed down the voice, it was one that many Disney fans might find very familiar. This leads some fans to guess that it’s Larry the Cable Guy behind that mask.

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The Banana Split could make history if they win it all

This isn’t the first time a group or duo has performed on The Masked Singer. In the past, the show has seen the pair Clint and Lisa Black perform as The Owls. We do know whoever is behind The Banana Split has worked together in the past, but the Banana part of the duo pointed out that he had done some solo work. 

There have been some pretty random first guesses like Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend, but the clues don’t necessarily add up. Right now, a lot of fans believe The Banana Split might be former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee and husband David Foster. Foster has plenty of songwriting credits to his name and is an excellent piano player. This all tracks, but we won’t know until the reveal if the predictions are correct. 

If The Banana Split does up taking home the win, it would be the first time in The Masked Singer history that a duo wins the contest. You can find out if our The Masked Singer spoilers are correct Wednesdays on FOX at 8/7 CT.