‘The Masked Singer’ Reveal: The Caterpillar is ‘Queer Eye’ Star Bobby Berk

Fox’s The Masked Singer has been on a roll this season with all of the fantastic talent audiences have seen so far. From NBA players to Grammy-winning artists, there’s been a slew of outstanding performances. This week we saw the wildcard player eliminated, and that was the one, the only, the Caterpillar. Before we dive into who’s behind the mask, let’s take a look at who fans have seen revealed so far, what some of the Caterpillar’s clues were, and finally, who was the celebrity dressed as the Caterpillar.

'The Masked Singer' character the Caterpillar was a contestant on Season 6
The Caterpillar | Fox

Who has ‘The Masked Singer’ revealed so far?

The very first performance audiences saw was the Octopus. His height was a dead giveaway, and panelist Ken Jeong guessed right away that the celebrity was Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard. The long-time NBA player said The Masked Singer was one of his mom’s favorite shows.

Vivica A. Fox performed as Mother Nature. She told host Nick Cannon that she loved challenging herself, and performing on the variety show was something she’d never tried. Fans eliminated the Pufferfish early on in the season, and fans were shocked to see songstress Toni Braxton behind the mask. Braxton was previously diagnosed with Lupus and stayed inside for most of 2020 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She told viewers the show alleviated some of that anxiety.

The second week reveals included the Dalmatian and the Baby. The Dalmatian received the lowest votes and removed his mask. Underneath was hip-hop superstar Tyga. When it was the Baby’s turn to take it off, audiences saw comedian Larry the Cable Guy. He was the first wildcard introduced, but, unfortunately, he didn’t last very long on the show.

In week three, the Cupcake was iced out and eliminated. While some fans thought it was Kim Kardashian-West under the mask, the celebrity in costume was actually Ruth Pointer from the legendary R&B group, The Pointer Sisters. Fans have also seen the Beach Ball revealed as Honey Boo Boo and her mom Mamaw June. The latest celebrity to remove their mask was Natasha Bedingfield as the Pepper.

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The Caterpillar’s clues mentioned being homeless and stealing

The Caterpillar wasted no time In wowing audiences with his performance of Beyoncé’s hit song If I Were a Boy. Before taking the stage, the clues he gave audiences involved how his parents told him he would eventually end up in jail one day. He then went on to say his parents were right!

The performance impressed all of the judges, and first impression guesses included Aaron Carter, Jordan Knight, and AJ McLean. Fans on Twitter mostly disagreed with the idea of Aaron Carter being behind the mask, but everyone loved the Caterpillar’s costume.

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‘The Masked Singer’ revealed the Caterpillar to be Bobby Berk

The Masked Singer character the Caterpillar is one of this season’s most popular contestants. From his first performance, panelists thought he was a member, or former member, of a boy band like Backstreet Boys. However, the judges changed their tunes in the Nov. 17, 2021 episode. While none of the judges got the correct answer, Bobby Berk was the celebrity behind the Caterpillar mask.