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The Masked Singer is rolling right along with season 6, and so far, the fans have seen some great reveals. Showrunners of the FOX reality TV variety show promised audiences some major talent this season, and so far, they have delivered. From Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider to hip hop superstar Tyga, some big celebrities have been hiding behind those masks. This week The Masked Singer revealed the Pepper. Let’s take a look at some of their clues and who was hiding behind that mask.

The Pepper is a contestant on 'The Masked Singer' Season 6
The Pepper | Fox

The Pepper on ‘The Masked Singer’ had clues involving something the celebrity did that went viral

The Masked Singer characters create their own clue packages to ensure everything is accurate. The Pepper said, “I’ve always had my own flavor and I’m constantly thinking of ways not to be bland, but this year has been the craziest. Something I did went viral. Basically overnight it spread like fire and I never expected any of it. The coolest part is seeing people take what I did and add their own flavor to it. You know how they say strike while the iron is hot? That’s what I’m doing here.”

Visual clues included rollerblades, TikTok, and a sign that read “Keep dreaming.” They also talked about how they wish they could go back to when they hit it big, and they’d like to go back to that time. 

The Pepper also had one extra clue. Actor Courteney Cox came on the stage via video and wished them good luck. This implied the celebrity behind the Pepper mask knows Cox in their everyday life or has worked with her at some point.

The Pepper on ‘The Masked Singer’ is singer Natasha Bedingfield

“Pocketful of Sunshine” singer Natasha Bedingfield was revealed as the Pepper on the eighth episode of The Masked Singer Season 6. While her clues were more challenging than some audiences have seen on the show so far, the extra clue was what sealed her identity for most fans. Cox and Bedingfield are friends and have even collaborated before with Cox’s daughter Coco. 

In October, Coco and Bedingfield sang their own rendition of one of the singer’s most popular hit songs, “Unwritten,” while Cox played along on the piano. This was for UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability benefit gala which took place virtually. Its purpose is to get youth more involved in helping the fight against climate change.


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More reveals to come on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6

Fans still have plenty of time to guess the remaining performers on the show. As of now, this is who’s been revealed so far:

  • The Octopus – Dwight Howard
  • Mother Nature – Vivica A. Fox
  • The Pufferfish – Toni Braxton
  • The Dalmatian – Tyga
  • The Baby – Larry the Cable Guy
  • The Hamster – Rob Schneider
  • The Beach Ball – Alana and “Mama June” Shannon from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights on Fox at 8 p.m. ET. Those who have a subscription to Hulu Live can always stream the show via that platform.