‘The Masked Singer’ Reveal: The Queen of Hearts is Singer Jewel

Fox’s variety show, The Masked Singer, started off strong this season. We’ve seen several reveals of big celebrities, and showrunners promised there’s more on the way. This week, during the finale both the Queen of Hearts and the Bull faced off for the final performance of the season. Fans seemed to have a pretty good idea who the celebrity was behind the Queen of Hearts mask, but before we get to the big reveal, let’s look at some of her clues and what stars have been revealed so far.

The Queen of Hearts character on The Masked Singer
The Queen of Hearts on ‘The Masked Singer’ | FOX Networks

‘The Masked Singer’ revealed several celebrities this season so far

The Masked Singer has eliminated several contestants so far. Celebrities have ranged from Grammy-award-winning singers to actors and more. The first performance of the season came from the Octopus, and he towered over host Nick Cannon. His clues included a visual of cookies being dunked in milk. Panelist Ken Jeong guessed correctly when he said it was Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard behind the mask.

Mother Nature was one of the following participants to be eliminated. When she removed her mask, audiences saw Independence Day actor Vivica A. Fox in the costume. The actor told viewers she loved challenging herself, and being a contestant on The Masked Singer was something she had never done before.

The Pufferfish was another celebrity to go home early. One of her clues mentioned never fitting in, and her voice was one of the reasons she didn’t. It was a surprise to everyone when The Masked Singer revealed Toni Braxton revealed she was the celebrity performing as the Pufferfish.

The Dalmatian received the least amount of votes in the second week. Despite putting on a fantastic show and making it clear he knew how to work the stage, he still didn’t get enough votes to stay. Hip-hop star Tyga was the celebrity behind the mask.

There’s also been a wildcard contestant revealed as well. The Baby sang and danced to The Flintstones theme song. He was clearly enjoying his time in the spotlight, but he had to remove his mask in the end. It was none other than comedian and voice actor Larry the Cable Guy.

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What were the clues for the Queen of Hearts?

The Queen of Hearts gave some pretty solid clues, but one of the most significant clues to her identity came from the producers. Before this season of The Masked Singer even premiered, a hint said that one of the contestants had made out with actor Sean Penn. Everyone’s first guess was Madonna, but the more we learned about the Queen of Hearts, the more audiences realized it wasn’t her. 

Other clues included her saying she grew up in a house that wasn’t really warm and the image of a Tin Man. Folks surmised the Tin Man was a reference to The Wizard of Oz. It wasn’t long before some super sleuths put it all together.

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‘The Masked Singer’ revealed the Queen of Hearts to be Jewel

The ultimate clue to the celebrity dressed as the Queen of Hearts was its jewel-like shape. Throw in the fact that Jewel dated Penn for a hot second in the mid-nineties, she grew up in Alaska and played Dorothy’s role in 1995’s The Wizard of Oz in Concert: Dreams Come True, and it was pretty obvious. The Queen of Hearts was singer/songwriter Jewel.

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