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Lilly and Lana Wachowski own an impressive memorabilia collection from The Matrix, which started their sci-fi movie franchise. However, they aren’t keeping them locked up for themselves any longer. The Wachowski sisters put props from The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, and Sense8 up for auction. Unfortunately, Lilly said that the life-size Agent Smith statues won’t join their auction. However, they do still exist.

The Wachowski sisters put ‘The Matrix’ movie memorabilia on auction to fundraise for transgender youth

'The Matrix' filmmaker Lilly Wachowski wearing a black dress behind a glass podium with a microphone with her arms open
Lilly Wachowski | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The Wachowski sisters put a whole lot of memorabilia up for auction at Potter & Potter Auctions. This includes pieces from The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, and Sense8. Each property has a loyal fan base that would love to get their hands on these pieces. However, these items span many price points, so many fans will have the opportunity to participate. The auction includes everything from on-screen costumes to posters to award statues that the Wachowski sisters won.

However, the primary element of the auction is that all of the proceeds will go to the Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund. The auction page walks the reader through how those funds will be used, including securing housing and other resources for transgender folks who need them.

Lilly Wachowski explained that life-size Agent Smith statues stink ‘really bad’

Lilly responded on Twitter to some of the comments under her announcement regarding the auction. The Wachowski sisters collected many iconic pieces from The Matrix and other works over the years, but they want to put it all toward a great cause.

One user asked, “Lilly, what about those life-sized Hugo Weavings you built for Matrix Revolutions, any of those still lying around?”

Weaving played Agent Smith in the original trilogy, which Jonathan Groff replaced in The Matrix Resurrections. However, the fans loved how the Wachowski sisters pulled off the doubles in The Matrix franchise. It remains one of the most iconic moments in sci-fi filmmaking history. The user’s comment certainly intrigued Lilly.

“Ha!,” Lilly responded. “Those were good gifts at first! We gave them away to a couple of artists who worked on it early on but apparently, they stunk reallllllllly bad because they were constantly waterlogged from the massive rain rig!”

‘The Matrix’ fans share their movie memorabilia collections


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The Wachowski sisters are earning a lot of attention for how they’re using movie props from The Matrix and other properties to make a difference in other people’s lives. Some fans shared images of their collections, including action figures, legendary posters, and DVD/Blu-ray collections.

Each item in the Wachowski sisters’ auction has a different minimum bid requirement, but they also list how much they expect each item to sell for. Some of these paying fans will have the opportunity to add even more memorabilia to their collections, including on-screen items that will always hold value thanks to their inclusion in iconic Wachowski projects.