‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Fan Theory Suggests 2 Versions of the Matrix Actually Exist

The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth installment in the legendary sci-fi action franchise. However, it’s not all fight sequences and bullets flying. The Matrix is known for a complex and layered plot that audiences continue to analyze to this day. One fan theory suggests that The Matrix Resurrections actually hints at two separate versions of the Matrix that now exist in this world.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Matrix Resurrections.]

What is the ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ plot?

'The Matrix Resurrections' Keanu Reeves as Neo, Thomas A. Anderson poking his fingers toward a mirror
Keanu Reeves as Neo/Thomas A. Anderson | Warner Bros. Pictures

Lana Wachowski returns to write and co-direct the sequel titled The Matrix Resurrections. Neo (Keanu Reeves) now lives a seemingly normal life under the name Thomas A. Anderson in San Francisco. He works as the world’s most famous game designer after creating a video game titled The Matrix.

He runs into Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) at a coffee shop, although neither of them recognizes each other and she’s now called Tiffany. Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) appears and once again offers him a red and a blue pill. The former will allow him to free his mind and awaken in the real world. However, Neo will have to risk everything if he hopes to save Trinity.

A Reddit fan theory suggests that there are actually 2 versions of the Matrix that exist in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

A Redditor explored their fan theory that The Matrix Resurrections actually points to two separate versions of the Matrix that exist. The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) replaces The Architect from the previous film installments. He explains how the Matrix is now more “sophisticated” than before. However, one Redditor reads a bit deeper into that.

Perhaps the enhanced version of the Matrix seen in The Matrix Resurrections is actually a separate program entirely. The Matrix from the original trilogy still exists, although it isn’t shown in The Matrix Resurrections. However, there’s plenty of talk about Neo game programming the Matrix.

Meanwhile, the second iteration of the Matrix, which the Redditor describes as “pre-alpha or [a] debut version of [the] Matrix created to determine whether a computer simulation is working correctly and fix bugs.”

In a sense, Neo, Trinity, and others in this iteration are all “beta testers.” The post-credits scene only further hints at such ideas with talk about trying new things. The Analyst collects data from this test server to update the main Matrix. This also would indicate why he didn’t fear Neo and Trinity changing this whole iteration.

The same Redditor also points that this is the reason why Trinity now has the same abilities as Neo. She’s essentially an amped-up version of herself.

The Matrix Awakens is a game that audiences could download starting just before the film’s release. It’s possible that this is another layer hinting at the Redditor’s theory of game testing.

Will there be a ‘Matrix 5’?

There isn’t any word about a Matrix 5 quite yet. However, there isn’t any guarantee that this is the end. Wachowski ended The Matrix Resurrections with plenty of space to continue the franchise if she wishes to do so. Additionally, a boardroom scene early on in the movie hints at potentially more sequels in the future. At this time, there aren’t any immediate signs that The Matrix 5 is going to happen.

The Matrix Resurrections is now playing in theaters nationwide. Additionally, audiences can experience The Matrix Resurrections from the comfort of their own homes if they have access to a Ad-Free plan through HBO Max.

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