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The Matrix is an action science fiction movie, but it defied all expectations. The movie is studied in film schools around the world. Audiences continue to debate the meaning behind the 1999 film. The Matrix Resurrections is the newest installment, which features some fresh faces in familiar roles. Actor Jonathan Groff recently explained why reading the screenplay made him cry.

Who is Jonathan Groff in ‘The Matrix Resurrections?’

'The Matrix Resurrections' Jonathan Groff with a closed-mouth smile in black-and-white
Jonathan Groff | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

The Matrix Resurrections is doing a great job of hiding what it’s about. Fans across the Internet are trying to speculate regarding the plot direction. Two trailers successfully hype the movie without giving very much away. However, we do know that it’s set 20 years after 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions. Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) are living seemingly normal lives in San Francisco. Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) shows up with a red pill to wake Neo up and return him to the Matrix.

A new The Matrix Resurrections trailer confirms that Groff is playing a new version of Agent Smith, who Hugo Weaving previously played in the original trilogy. Unfortunately, Weaving couldn’t return to The Matrix Resurrections due to scheduling issues. However, Groff’s Agent Smith has fans across the Internet curious.

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ made Jonathan Groff cry

Groff spoke in Entertainment Weekly‘s cover story on The Matrix Resurrections. Reeves and Moss both connected with the heart of the movie. Reeves said, “Not that it needed it, but certainly, the depth of why this film got made is the sense of it being a love story between Trinity and Neo.”

The cast tapped into writer/director Lana Wachowski’s deeply written characters. Reeves explained that when he got the phone call about The Matrix Resurrections, “It was one of those phone calls where even though you’re at home, you stand up.” Moss doubled down on Reeves’ excitement to return to bring the franchise back.

Groff is a newcomer to The Matrix franchise, but he also felt the extreme love and care that comes with the upcoming sequel. He connected with Reeves’ approach to the fight sequences. Groff explained, “When our fight was over, I felt deeply connected to him in a physical way.”

The Matrix Resurrections deeply touched Groff. He thought about Reeves and Moss playing bringing these characters back to the silver screen in such a meaningful way that it caused him to cry. He said, “When I read the script for this movie I cried, because the idea of watching these two iconic actors in these two iconic parts coming back and fighting to have their love again just wrecked me.”

The new trailer shows Neo and Trinity initially not recognizing each other. However, the remainder of the trailer displays action set-pieces shot around their love and fighting to be with each other against all the odds.

Neo and Trinity reunite on the silver screen


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The Matrix Resurrections trailers are getting audiences increasingly excited for the sequel. Some YouTube commenters expressed how they teared up seeing Neo and Trinity reunite on the screen once again. Groff isn’t alone in feeling sentimental toward this franchise property and the characters created within it. Reeves and Moss are iconic actors that moviegoers are very comfortable connecting with. The big action set-pieces are sure to draw audiences to the theater, but the love story at its core has audiences getting emotional.

The Matrix Resurrections is coming to theaters on Dec. 22. However, Warner Bros. is simultaneously releasing the movie on HBO Max on the same day for a 31-day window. Moviegoers will have the opportunity to enjoy the movie from the comfort of their own home, as long as they have the Ad-Free HBO Max plan.