The MCU May Be Planning to Incorporate Rogue and Gambit’s Famous Romance

The Fox/Disney merger is now firmly in the past, placing the mutants under Kevin Feige’s guidance (where they rightfully belong following a few Fox missteps). And, based on recent information, it looks the X-Men will join the landscape one at a time — as opposed to en-masse — building up mutantkind across several MCU installments, laying the technical groundwork for an X-Men mash-up. 

Anna Paquin Rogue Marvel
Anna Paquin as Rogue in the new ‘X-Men III: The Last Stand’ | Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Based on the information available, it will likely be quite some title until an X-Men-titled movie makes its way to the silver screen under Disney’s umbrella. First, some of the rumored X-Men must join the landscape, setting up the narrative for mutantkind’s future with character dynamics Fox previously underutilized. Which brings us to the point of this article — will the MCU feature the famous romance between Rogue and Gambit, and what do we know so far about this possible plotline?

Rogue may join the MCU as an adversary in ‘Captain Marvel 2’

Rumor has it that Rogue may join the MCU as an adversary in Captain Marvel 2, challenging the title hero before becoming the X-Men savior she develops into down the line. Rogue may be the link to Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants (if she comes onto the scene as a member of the villainous group). 

If Rogue boasts a dark and mysterious vibe when she enters, such a disposition would align with Gambit’s mischievous and self-serving ways, as Gambit starts out as a thief with a troubled past. He also often uses his powers of persuasion and manipulative abilities to lure in women. However, Rogue may be the perfect complement to a man who wrongfully assumes he can have (and do) it all. She may be harder to get than most, and she may be the mental challenger he needs. Yet, is Gambit expected to join the MCU?

Gambit may join the MCU via a Disney+ entrance

According to Marvel and DC Insider Mikey Sutton, Gambit may be making his way back to Marvel via a Disney+ original series. According to Sutton, the show would boast a western vibe and feature a Harrison Ford-type actor in the leading role. And, for those of you hoping Channing Tatum was still attached to the title character, you may have to give up on this dream.

According to Sutton, Marvel Studios sees great potential in introducing the character via Disney+ before bringing him into the filmic landscape; the studio would use a show to forge his introduction instead of a standalone cinematic installment. Yet, he would join the existing group in various movies. Meaning, Gambit and Rogue could easily cross paths as they do in the comics. 

The Gambit and Rogue romance 

Gambit and Rogue boast a long whirlwind romance in the comic books, and the two recently got married. Meaning, the MCU could be planning to highlight this relationship as it’s more recent than the mutant stories Fox focused on. 

Focusing on Gambit and Rogue’s romance, as well as other less influential characters in the Fox franchise could also help to separate the Disney depiction from Fox’s former illustration.