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Members of The Monkees and The Beatles often crossed paths in their professional careers and personal lives. However, those instances were few when it came to working together publicly. However, there was one iconic moment in 1995 when three Monkees members and Ringo Starr appeared in a commercial together for food the drummer didn’t eat.

Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Ringo Starr pose in side by side photographs.
Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Ringo Starr | Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images/Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

How often did The Monkees and The Beatles cross paths?

The irony was not lost on fans when they learned that members of The Monkees and The Beatles were friends.

Ironically, Davy Jones was the first to make the acquaintance of the fab four in Feb. 1964. Jones performed alongside the Broadway cast of Oliver the same night The Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show.

When The Monkees arrived in England in 1967, the Beatles threw them a big party at the “Speakeasy” club.

Mike Nesmith and John Lennon became friendly in the late 1960s. Nesmith sent a telegram to John Lennon. He signed it in such a unique manner it led to a fast friendship.

Micky Dolenz attended recording sessions for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Monkees and Ringo Starr appeared in a commercial for a food The Beatles drummer didn’t eat

A photograph of a Pizza Hut box.
A Pizza Hut box | May Tse/South China Morning Post via Getty Images

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Linking together celebrities and popular foods is not a new idea in the advertising business.

However, when Pizza Hut paired three members of The Monkees and the Beatles drummer to hawk their new stuffed crust pizza, it was a match made in commercial heaven.

Starr spoke throughout the spot about getting the “lads” together to enjoy the new pie, saying “it’s time” as a tease of a potential Beatles reunion.

However, instead of Paul McCartney, and George Harrison [Lennon died in 1980] appearing in the spot, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork stepped in.

“Wrong lads,” Starr deadpanned.

The commercial introduced the pie and the way it should be eaten with the crust first.

However, Starr didn’t indulge in the pie he held in his hand during the commercial as he has allergies that prevent him from eating the fast food favorite.

What is Ringo Star allergic to?

Starr has been a vegetarian since 1965, though it isn’t his plant-based diet that influenced his decision to not indulge in Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pie.

Rather the drummer is allergic to onions, garlic, and several spices, which have prevented him from eating pizza reported Rolling Stone.

Along with the Pizza Hut ad, Starr also hawked Sun Country Wine Coolers, filmed a promo for Oldsmobile, and a Japanese ad for Apple juice reported GoRetro.