The Most Heartwarming Friendships On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Ranked

Grey’s Anatomy is back with another new season and that has fans everywhere ready to dance it out.

With a show that’s been on as long as Grey’s Anatomy, it’s always fun to look back on our favorite things from over the years. And while relationship drama has been a constant throughout the show’s history, it’s the friendships that make the show what it is. Here are some of our favorite feel-good friendships from over the years.

Meredith and Cristina together on Grey's Anatomy
Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh on Grey’s Anatomy | Ron Tom/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Richard Webber and Arizona Robbins

After seeing Arizona reduced to tears in his presence on more than one occasion, it was a surprise to see a friendship blossom between her and Dr. Webber. It all started when Richard invited himself to play bar trivia with Arizona when she was really looking to hit up the bar to meet women.

What stemmed from that was an adorable friendship built around Richard playing wingman, helping Arizona pick up women, and developing into Richard being a rock for Arizona while she fought for custody of her daughter. If we could all have a Richard in our lives, we could relax a little more in the dating world.

Cristina Yang and Dr. Thomas

When Cristina left Seattle in the wake of the plane crash to fulfill her fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, fans were left wondering what her storyline was going to entail. Would it be a new love interest? Or some killer surgeries? What we got was so much better — her friendship with Dr. Thomas, played by William Daniels.

He became her “person” at her new job, helping to remind her to slow down and breathe whenever things got to be too much for her in the wake of the plane crash. His death in the middle of their surgery helped ground her and she was a better person when she returned to Seattle.

Meredith Grey and Alex Karev

This pair has been through a lot since 2005. Karev started out being a dark horse of the group of new interns, always getting into arguments and upsetting people – remember when he hung Izzie’s modeling photos all over the locker room? Yikes – but has since grown to be a much more mature and caring person.

His friendship with Meredith blossomed out of the simple fact that they were the only two left from their early days and they needed each other.

He was there for her when she was attacked at the hospital, taking care of her kids and making her laugh again for the first time. She was there for him when he thought he might go to jail. Their friendship is definitely one for the books.

Jackson Avery and Mark Sloan

In what started as a mentorship, the “Plastics Posse” grew to be about so much more than work. Jackson was like a son to Mark, and they treated each other with a ton of respect. Mark took Jackson’s side when his mother was at the hospital, standing up for him and his decision to go into plastic surgery.

He taught Jackson everything he knew and supported him during every surgery. Jackson’s final goodbye to Mark after the plane crash is enough to reduce all of us to tears, even all these years later.

Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang

The ones who created the “You’re my person” mantra, Meredith and Cristina are the epitome of a heartwarming friendship. From day one, they had each other’s backs. They were the Twisted Sisters, forever drinking tequila and dancing it out when things got hard, but always going back and figuring the hard things out together.

While they loved the men in their lives, usually a little too hard, they loved each other more. They were competitive, yet loved to see each other succeed.

When Cristina left Seattle for good, she used her parting words to remind Meredith that she was the sun, and to not let Derek’s dreams outshine hers. We could all do with a little more friendships like theirs.