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The Munsters is an iconic American sitcom that continues to be referenced in current pop culture. Its success warranted a spinoff series and movies, although further revival attempts have failed. Musician and horror filmmaker Rob Zombie is trying his hand at bringing The Munsters back into the mainstream with a feature film of his own. He has been teasing sneak peeks on his Instagram, but has now given audiences a look at Herman, Lily, and the Count.

Rob Zombie is making ‘The Munsters’ his own

'The Munsters' Al Lewis as The Count, Yvonne De Carlo as Lily, and Fred Gwynne as Herman before Rob Zombie's version with Lily eyeing the Count
L-R: Al Lewis, Yvonne De Carlo, and Fred Gwynne | John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Zombie has directed many of his own music videos, but his film career truly launched with House of 1000 Corpses. The movie has generated a huge cult following that only increased with the sequel titled The Devil’s Rejects. He’s rather familiar with franchise revivals as he rebooted John Carpenter’s Halloween with two installments. Next, he’ll be tackling The Munsters.

Zombie is no stranger to the horror genre. Every aspect of his career lives in or flirts with the genre. However, The Munsters is a sitcom that just happens to be about a family of monsters. The set construction and the concept art that has been shown so far have fans excited for what’s to come next. Zombie is continuing to give his fans a look inside of what he has coming next.

Rob Zombie gives a sneak peek at Herman, Lily, and the Count in full costume

Now, Zombie has taken to Instagram given fans a look at Herman, Lily, and the Count in full costume sitting in front of the 1313 Mockingbird Lane set that has finally been completed.

The first image shows the three cast members sitting in their respective chairs in front of the highly detailed set. The following three pictures feature a closer look at each of the actors that will be starring in these three legendary roles. 3 From Hell actor Jeff Daniel Phillips plays Herman, The Devil’s Rejects actor Sheri Moon Zombie is Lily, and The Fugitive actor Daniel Roebuck stars as the Count.

The comments section is filled with excited The Munsters fans enjoying this sneak peek. Some folks expressed that Zombie’s Lily casting was a bit too obvious. However, they like how Herman and the Count look. Several commenters expressed wanting to see how Eddie will look in Zombie’s iteration.

‘The Munsters’ is coming to theaters and Peacock


‘The Munsters’: Original Pilot Didn’t Include Yvonne De Carlo

The Munsters is currently set for a 2022 Fall release. It will be released day-and-date with its debut on the streaming service Peacock.

Halloween Kills was also released day-and-date on the streaming service. However, it still managed to start off with a strong stab at the box office on opening weekend. The Munsters has the potential to be quite a successful title, although audiences still don’t know what tone Zombie will be going for. The Instagram posts have only offered hints at the atmosphere, but not how the story will be portrayed in the movie.

Stay tuned for more information on Zombie’s The Munsters.