‘The Nevers’: Did Amalia True Hint She’s a Time Traveler?

HBO’s The Nevers continues to drop clues about the Touched and their source of power. In episode 4, “Undertaking,” Amalia True reveals she has a deep connection to the mysterious entity. And in one short line, she hints she may also be a time traveler.

{Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Nevers, Season 1, Episode 4, “The Undertaking.”]

Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly in 'The Nevers' on HBO
Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly in ‘The Nevers’ on HBO | Keith Bernstein/HBO

In ‘The Nevers,’ episode 4, Amalia True drops a significant hint

The Nevers May 2 episode opens with the Touched devastated over Mary Brighton’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) murder in the park. The women gather for Mary’s funeral and pay tribute to the woman whose mysterious glowing song brought them hope. 

And while even Maladie’s (Amy Manson) former associate, Annie Carbey (Rochelle Neil), shows up to pay her respects to Mary, Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) is noticeably absent. Later, when she is questioned about why she skipped the funeral, Amalia drops a peculiar line about her past. 

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“We don’t do that when I’m from,” Amalia says. “We don’t have enough time, and we don’t have enough ground.”

Is Amalia True a Time Traveler?

The Nevers hasn’t yet revealed many details about Amalia’s past, other than that she’s a widow who was possibly in an abusive relationship. In the first episode, she is seen jumping into a river, later waking up on the floor of a fancy bedroom.

And in episode 3, fans learn that Amalia and Maladie were once friends. But not much else is known about her, like where she came from and how or why she ended up running Lavinia  Bidlow’s (Olivia WIlliams) orphanage. 

However, her line about not attending funerals “when” she’s from hints she may not be from somewhere else, but some other time. Myrtle’s (Viola Prettejohn) translation of Mary’s song directly links Amalia to the Touched power source, whether it be God, an AI, or an alien ship. 

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So Amalia’s hint of being from another time could indicate she’s a traveler that has come back in time with the mysterious ship responsible for giving people super abilities. 

‘The Nevers’ star Ann Skelly reveals Penance knows about Amalia’s past

When Amalia breaks down in tears over the translation of Mary’s song, Penance (Ann Skelly) doesn’t seem at all shocked or surprised. And according to The Nevers star Ann Skelly, it’s likely because Penance already knows what Amalia’s connection to the song is. 

“Where it goes after Episode 4, I don’t want to spoil anything at all,” Skelly teased when talking to The Wrap recently. “But yeah, Penance is very aware of Amalia’s past and her mission as a whole and believes and trusts in Amalia. She does.”

“And as crazy as it sounds, anything that comes [out] of Amalia’s mouth, Penance is like, ‘Yeah, cool. Yup, that’s it. That’s the way it is,’” she continued.

Hopefully, before the season 1, part 1 finale, fans will get a clearer picture of Amalia and her connection to the Touched. New episodes of The Nevers air Sunday nights on HBO.