‘The Office’ Alum Jenna Fischer Hits Day 4 of This 5-Day Challenge But Admitted to a ‘Little Bit of a Cheat’

Fans of The Office still get their fix through Jenna Fischer’s “Office Ladies” podcast with BFF and former co-star Angela Kinsey. Often updating her 3.2 million followers on Instagram of her latest projects, Fischer recently embarked on a new fashion challenge now that coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are starting to lift.

Jenna Fischer smiles for cameras as she arrives at 'The Office' series finale wrap party held at Unici Casa Gallery
Jenna Fischer of ‘The Office’ | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Jenna Fischer tells Instagram followers she ditched the drawstring

Like countless others this past year, Fischer opted for comfort in clothing during the nationwide lockdown. Rather than bothering with the troublesome snaps and zippers of jeans or dress pants, The Office alum stuck with sweats since March 2020. Apparently, Fischer has had enough and decided to ditch the drawstring-related fashion and get back to some structure.

“I have worn sweatpants every day for 409 days (yes, I counted),” Fischer posted earlier this week on Instagram, holding up one finger to mark Day 1 of her challenge. “And I might have hit my sweatpant wall (words I never thought I would say). So, I decided to try to NOT wear sweatpants for 5 days and actually get fully dressed. Day 1 cargo pants. It’s a start.”

Fischer’s podcast pal was surprised at her defection from the comfort clothing.

“A. I cannot believe you’ve hit your sweatpants wall! What the heck?!” Kinsey commented. “B. I’m currently wearing sweatpants. 😬 C. Do your shoes have zippers? D. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s outfit!”

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‘The Office’ star went with denim on Days 2 and 3

In addition to their podcast, Fischer and Kinsey are now working on a book, The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There, due to hit bookshelves in February 2022. Though she’s still doing most of her work from her home office, Fischer stuck with her commitment to keep the sweatpants in her drawer.

“Day Two! #nosweatpants#fullydressed,” she captioned the picture of herself in jeans, noting her projects for the day that included walking her new puppy. “Working all day from home today on @officeladiespod and my book with @angelakinsey. Took Maggie for a walk (she’s getting so good on the leash).”

Fischer found the third day to be a bit more problematic. With alternatives becoming more limited, the former sitcom star opted for overalls.

“Day 3… I’m sticking with it but running out of options already!” Fischer revealed. “Another work-from-home day (podcast edit day and more research/writing) and then we have a project with the kids when they are done with school sorting items for a @miryslist family.”

Jenna Fischer went with ‘comfy’ on Day 4

Nearing the finish line of her challenge, Fischer may have grown weary of more constricting clothing and decided on something more in her comfort zone.

“Day 4…I’m looking for ways to make these #nosweatpants poses more interesting,” she wrote, striking a new stance. “I’ll admit, today felt like a little bit of a cheat… these pants are not sweatpants, they are actually lined pants, but they are part of my usual cycle. Today was book writing day and I wanted to be comfy. I tried to dress things up with jewelry, a cute top and some boot shoes.”

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With only one day left in her 5-day sans sweats challenge, Fischer teased her final outfit to her followers.

“I’m not sure yet what I’ve learned in my four days of being #fullydressed but I have been super productive!” she shared. “Tomorrow is Day 5! The last day of my experiment… I think I’m going jumpsuit!”