‘The Office’: Angela Kinsey Reveals How Dwight and Angela Would Be Doing Today: ‘I Think I’ve Had 6 More Schrutes’

Jim and Pam might have been the main love story in The Office, but Dwight and Angela gave them a run for their money. The workplace comedy was their love story, too.

With the show ending with Dwight and Angela’s wedding, fans have to wonder how the unconventional pair would be doing today. What would married life on Schrute Farms look like?

Dwight and Angela at their wedding in 'The Office' finale. They're holding hands and standing in their graves.
Angela Kinsey as Angela, Rainn Wilson as Dwight | Chris Haston/NBC

What Dwight and Angela would be doing right now in the world of ‘The Office’

According to Angela Kinsey, who played Angela in The Office, her character and Dwight would be busy raising children.

“I think I’ve had six more Schrutes,” she told People in Feb. 2021. “I feel like Dwight and I are raising a small little army of Schrutes.”

In an interview Rainn Wilson did with Entertainment Tonight in Sep. 2020, he spoke about how he thinks Dwight would react to the coronavirus pandemic.

“[He’d] be handling quarantine by preparing for the apocalypse, as we all should be,” he said. “Probably safe rooms and ammo and canned goods.”

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When Wilson was on The Late Show that same month, he elaborated a bit more on what Dwight might be getting up to during this time.

“Dwight during a pandemic would be fantastic,” he said. “You’ve got Dwight fighting the pandemic, you’ve got Dwight building his own vaccine, his own antibodies, maybe doing secret tests on people in the office.”

“Conspiracy theories, he’d be all over the place,” the actor added. “He’d be all in on 5G cell towers and Hillary Clinton, anything you can possibly imagine. He would be all in on the conspiracy theories.”

Jenna Fischer on Jim and Pam

In the same interview Kinsey did with People, Jenna Fischer (who played Pam) spoke about what her character and Jim would be up to after The Office ended.

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“I am positive that Pam and Jim are doing very well and Cece and Phillip are growing up into fine, fine little people,” she said.

“I think the move for Pam and Jim was great for them because they were able to invest a little bit more into the types of things that really give them meaning in their life,” Fischer continued. “They’re very happy. Don’t worry.”

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Only truly beloved characters have fans wondering how they’re doing eight years after the show ended. Fans of The Office keep returning to the show time and time again. Why is that? Wilson thinks the comedy is a source of great comfort to many.

“I think around 2017, 2018 or so, [the show’s popularity] just started coming back,” he told ET. “People were talking about it, I was being recognized way more, being sent stuff, there are all these memes, and products, and funny videos, and face mashups, and all kinds of stuff, and it has become a global phenomenon [again]. I think it’s brought people a lot of comfort during some really trying times, so it’s been great to be a part of, for that reason.”