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Any fan of The Office knows that there’s no shortage of talent in the cast. Thanks to fabulous acting and phenomenal writing, the actors were able to create larger than life characters who are ridiculously entertaining to watch years after the popular series wrapped. One such character is Dwight K. Schrute who is played to perfection by Rainn Wilson.

The Office cast member Rainn Wilson
Rainn Wilson | Justin Lubin/NBCNBCU Photo Bank

From the moment viewers meet Dwight, it’s clear that he is quite the oddball. While most employees of Dunder Mifflin seem to barely tolerate their jobs (save Michael Scott), Dwight seems to positively revel in his job as a paper salesman. Dwight is also a militant follower of the rules, yet chaotic and constantly making The Office a more hilarious place.

Dwight was one of the best characters in ‘The Office’

There are plenty of great Dwight moments throughout all nine seasons of The Office. Fans favorite include the beet farmer getting a concussion, arranging a “stud fee” with Angela, inventing a dentist named Crentist when he attempts to stage a coup and usurp power from Michael, and, of course, the infamous “Stress Relief” episode. Largely thought by fans as the best cold open in the series, “Stress Relief” starts with Dwight starting a fire because his coworkers didn’t pay attention to his emergency preparedness PowerPoint presentation the prior week.

With so many great Dwight moments in The Office, it’s hard for fans to pick a favorite. But, Wilson doesn’t haven’t any trouble pointing out his favorite moment involving his infamous character. In an interview with Collider, Wilson shared his top Dwight scene and it isn’t an over the top moment as fans may suspect. Nevertheless, it is a hilarious moment in the series.

Rainn Wilson reveals his favorite Dwight moment in the entire series

“I really love the moment in the episode called “Money,” where he’s heartbroken and he’s taken Jim and Pam to his bed and breakfast,” Wilson revealed. “There’s a moment when he’s really emotional and Jim gives him some words of kindness and empathy, and then he doesn’t notice it but Jim has left. He reaches out and Jim’s not there and he looks around. To me, that moment perfectly encapsulated what we did on The Office. It’s a Chekhovian, priceless little human misconnection that was really special.”

Like the rest of his former cast members, Wilson looks back on his time on The Office with great affection and appreciation. But would he ever be willing to reprise his role as Dwight? According to Wilson, he’d be up for stepping back into Dwight’s shoes.

Wilson would love to reunite with the rest of ‘The Office’ cast for a reboot

“I’d love to revisit The Office. I’ve told Greg Daniels [the show’s creator and showrunner] that I would love to do something,” Wilson revealed. “They’re gearing up for putting it on Peacock. Maybe someday we’ll do something. It’s funny, I hear things like, ‘We can’t do anything because we ended this show perfectly, and we don’t wanna do anything else.’ But then, someone will send some idea that’s just preposterous and I don’t know what to think. Hopefully, one day. The fans would really love it. That’s the thing that counts the most. The fans would really love to see those characters again and have an experience with them.”


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The show will switch from Netflix to Peacock in January 2021

We’re sure that fans of The Office would be overjoyed if the cast ever decides to reunite and bring their characters back to life. For now, fans have a few more months to enjoy the hit NBC show on Netflix before it switches over to peacock for good in January 2021.