Steve Carell Is Pretty Bad at ‘The Office’ Trivia for 1 Reason; ‘Some of Them Don’t Even Ring a Bell’

Though The Office has been off the air for many years now, it’s popularity is far from dwindling. In fact, in 2018, The Office was the most-watched show on Netflix, with a staggering 45.8 billion minutes of the show watched. It seems that each and every day the show is being discovered by new audiences. Furthermore, long-time fans continue to set records for how many times they rewatch the show and we’ve lost count of how many times Steve Carell and the rest of the cast have been asked to make a reboot.

Steve Carell on set of The Office
Steve Carell | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Of course, love for The Office is hardly limited to the television screen. The beloved show has inspired podcasts (two of which are hosted by cast members of The Office), impeccable memes (many of which feature Carell), and even a Stanley Hudson spinoff, which recently got funding. And who can forget the sheer amount of trivia that fans of the show have memorized?

‘The Office’ fans know a ton of trivia about the show

The Office trivia nights have steadily gained popularity throughout the years. From fans throwing parties at their homes to restaurants and bars hosting trivia nights, there’s always something for superfans to engage in. Given that The Office spans nine seasons and 201 episodes, there’s no shortage of material for crafting trivia nights. Even the cast of The Office has been known to impress fans with their knowledge of the show. But, one cast member who knows way less about the show than you might expect is Carell.

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For seven seasons, Carell was easily one of the most enjoyable and hilarious parts of The Office. When he left, fans were devastated. And while Carell could’ve easily stayed on board if not for poor communication on the part of the NBC executives, he has only spoken about the show with great fondness. But Carell being absent for the last two years of the show isn’t why he’s not great at remembering key facts about trivia. In a conversation with fellow castmate, Rainn Wilson, for SoulPancake, Carell explained why is his memory of Dunder Mifflin isn’t as sharp as fans might think.

Steve Carell has only seen most of the episodes of the show once

“I don’t know if you feel the same thing, but the people who watch the show definitely know the show better than we do,” Carell confessed to The Office alum, Wilson. “Because maybe we watched it once when we’d all get together and watch episodes. That was most of my watching of the show, so I don’t know all the details and when people reference lines and bits, I don’t even – some of them don’t even ring a bell at all. So the trivia side of it is kinda funny.”

But even though Carell doesn’t remember all the details of The Office, he can clearly remember what it felt like making the show and that’s the memory of the show that he keeps with him above all else. “It’s great that it caught on like it did, because we all felt that it was special when we were doing it,” Carell shared. “We felt that we were on to something and kind of felt that we got into a bit of a groove as a cast, and the writers were so fantastic. All parts of it just seemed to be firing on all cylinders and it felt special when we were doing it.”