‘The Office’: Dave Portnoy Tries Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe to Give Verdict on Michael Scott’s Favorite Eatery

Every once in a while, our favorite TV show characters will eat at a specific place, which tends to be fictional. This may make you wish the eatery was real. However, The Office managed to do things a little differently.

In two episodes, the characters eat at a Chile’s. In addition to this, there is another restaurant mentioned in the show that happens to be real too, Alfredo’s Pizza Café.

This eatery is really located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and recently, blogger Dave Portnoy went to Alfredo’s to review their pizza.

Dave Portnoy
Dave Portnoy | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

‘The Office’ and Alfredo’s Pizza Café

In season four, episode three, “Launch Party,” Michael Scott, the office manager, announces that he ordered Alfredo’s pizza for the employees. The employees of Dunder Mifflin become nervous and question Michael on which pizza restaurant he ordered from Pizza by Alfredo or Alfredo’s Pizza Café.

Michael claims they are the same, but the employees say there is a big difference. They prefer Alfredo’s Pizza Café. Michael informs them he ordered from Pizza by Alfredo, and everyone is very disappointed. They let Michael know that Alfredo’s Pizza Café would have been the better choice. Kevin informs the camera that it’s like “eating a hot circle of garbage.”

Eventually, Michael orders pizza from the right place, and the employees are happy once more. There is also a deleted scene when Michael lets everyone know he ordered from Pizza by Alfredo and the employees go into fits of rage.

Alfredo’s Café is a real place

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Alfredo’s Café boasts they’re not fine dining, but just fine food! The restaurant was founded in 1982, and they have a variety of food like pizza, pasta, steak, and soup. In addition to this, Alfredo’s also offers catering for special events. Alfredo’s square pizza is award-winning as well. Since 2005, the restaurant has won an “Electric City Best of Award.”

Most of the awards won have been for pizza, but they’ve also won for having the best martins and sandwiches. Many Office fans have left reviews on Yelp, and the overall score for the eatery is three and a half stars. If you live in Scranton, PA, or go to visit, Alfredo’s Café is located at 1040 S Washington Ave on the south side of Scranton. 

Dave Portnoy’s review

David Portnoy is an American internet celebrity and blogger. He founded a satirical sports and pop culture blog called Barstool Sports. While he was in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he decided to visit and review Alfredo’s Café since he’s a fan of The Office.

Portnoy starts his review by almost deducting a point from the restaurant because they were late, about 15 to 25 minutes, giving him the pizza and failing to say something. He goes on to say the box is heavy. However, after taking his first bite, Portnoy exclaims the pizza is light and fluffy. He also points out that the pizza shown in The Office episode is in the shape of triangles, but the pizza he receives is square. 

Portnoy goes on to say the pizza reminds him of another that he loves, but this pizza is, in fact, unique to that region of the country. He describes the cheese as thick, but very good, and he likes it all. Portnoy ends up giving the Alfredo’s Café a 7.4 score.

He also recommends visiting this eatery, saying it is a must stop, especially if you are a fan of The Office. You can view the “Launch Party” episode and the rest of The Office on Netflix until January 2021. It will be moving to NBC’s streaming website.