‘The Office’ Fans Can Truly Test Out Kevin’s Chili Recipe

The Office is one of the most popular TV shows ever to grace the small screen. It launched a cultural revolution, changed the way that many people looked at day-to-day office work, and created a trend in television that lasts to this day.

Although The Office went off the air in 2013, fans love to binge-watch episodes of the show, reliving all the moments that made them fall in love with the series originally. One of the most notorious episodes involved a pot of spilled chili. And recently, the actor who featured prominently in that scene revealed his own “secret” chili recipe.

What made ‘The Office’ so popular?

When The Office premiered in 2005, many fans had never seen anything like it. The Office is actually based on a British television series, and while that one is iconic in its own right, the American version is truly one-of-a-kind. The show was filmed mockumentary style, with the characters speaking directly to the camera as if making a series documentary about life in the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company office.

Featuring talents like Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, and B.J. Novak, The Office was well-received by critics as well as fans. The show won several awards during the course of its time on television, including four Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, and two Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

Although the show underwent major changes during the latter part of the series run, including the departure of star Steve Carell, fans continued to watch eagerly until the finale episode in early 2013.

Kevin Malone and his famous chili

One of the show’s main characters was Kevin Malone, played by Brian Baumgartner. Although Malone is a versatile actor and has had many roles both before and after The Office, he is best known for the socially awkward Kevin. He featured prominently in many episodes throughout the run of the show, but there was one particular episode that has become infamous among fans of The Office

The episode in question is from the fifth season of the show, titled “Casual Friday.” In the episode, Kevin talks up his “famous chili” to everyone in the office, promising to bring it in so that everyone can try it for themselves.

The big day arrives and Kevin shows up with a massive pot full of chili. He takes one or two steps into the office before tripping over his own feet and spilling the pot of chili everywhere. The awkwardness of the moment is then taken to the next level when Kevin slips and falls into the chili. The scene was a bit of comedic genius, and viewers everywhere could relate to how miserable Kevin felt at that moment.

‘The Office’ fans can recreate Kevin’s chili at home

Brian Baumgartner
Brian Baumgartner | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SBIFF

Although the scene itself was hilariously awkward, the chili itself looked pretty delicious. Now, fans have a way to test the famous chili out for themselves.

Recently, Brian Baumgartner teamed up with Bush’s Baked Beans to create a version of Kevin’s signature chili. As Baumgartner revealed, he actually “loves” making chili and considers it to be an art form in and of itself. 

Baumgartner’s recipe features some classic chili additions, like beans, garlic, tomato paste, and shallots, as well as a few surprises, such as green “peppies.” Best of all, the recipe can be prepared in under an hour, leaving plenty of time for binge-watching The Office. Baumgartner even recommends making it in a large silver pot, just like Kevin — although hopefully with a bit more dexterity.