‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Calls This Sweet and Funny Scene With Ed Helms One of Her Fondest Memories From the Show

Fans of The Office can only imagine how close the cast and crew got over nine seasons of the show. Jenna Fischer recently shared one of her “fondest memories” from the series that involved a silly and sweet moment with Ed Helms, explaining how she “didn’t want it to end” because she loved it so much.

Cast of 'The Office'
Cast of ‘The Office’ | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Jim pranks Andy in this ‘Office’ season 3 episode

In season 3 episode 9 “The Convict,” Andy (Helms) looks for advice from Jim (John Krasinski) to find out how to flirt effectively with Pam (Fischer). Jim decides to have a little fun with the situation, offering up some of the worst options that Pam would hate.

“I know Pam pretty well,” Jim says during a talking head interview. “I know the things that she likes and, just as important, I know the things that she hates.”

He explains, “One of the things that she likes is pranks and the things that she hates…”

Jim: Frisbee-based competitions…
Andy: Are you kidding? I started the main frisbee golf club at Cornell. Where I went to college. I live to frolf.
Jim: Lead off with that. She loves hunting. She also loves those ads for Six Flags, with the old guy. [Andy hums Six Flag ad] Got it. Also… do you speak pig latin?

Andy tries out some of Jim’s suggestions

As expected, these suggestions aren’t going to win over Pam. Andy approaches her desk and tries out some of the things that Jim told him.

“Pam-a-lama-ding-dong. Listen, you’re cute. There is no gettin’ around it,” he tells her. “So… I don’t know if you like country music, but I was thinking maybe one of these days we could drive out to a field, crank up some tunes, smoke a few Macanudos… maybe even toss a disk around. Utway ooday ooyay inkthay, Ampay?”

Her response is a bit stunned and he tells her, “Shh. Think about it. I’ll hit you back.”

When Andy walks by Jim, he bumps him on the shoulder and Pam catches the gesture, giving her a clue that Jim must behind the strange conversation she had with Andy. Jim turns and gives her a look that confirms her suspicion.

In a talking head interview, Pam says, “Wow, that was… wow.”

Later, as Andy passes by Jim’s desk, Jim tells him he’s got another idea for winning over Pam, asking if he plays the guitar. When Andy says he plays the banjo, Jim says, “Hold on, let me think about that, yes, that’ll work. But can you sing in a sexy high falsetto voice?”


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Fischer recalls the hilarious serenade at the end of the episode

At the end of the episode, Andy serenades Pam, singing “The Rainbow Connection” in a high voice while strumming his banjo. Pam smiles politely then looks towards Jim, who looks to the camera and smirks.

Though she had no lines, Fischer fondly recalled the scene as a series highlight for her. During the July 29 Office Ladies podcast episode, she said it was hard to get through it and she broke and laughed “like a million times,” adding, “but I have to say something. I love the banjo… I did not want this scene to end.”

“This was very funny… I loved doing this scene and I didn’t want it to end,” she continued. “It’s one of my fondest memories is doing that scene with Ed. I loved it.”