‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Said She Got ‘Choked Up’ Over This Episode for the Sweetest Reason

There were a lot of special moments on The Office over its nine seasons. Jenna Fischer said one particular episode made her “choked up” and emotional when she watched it for the sweetest reason. The actor shared why seeing Michael Scott meet his soulmate was so heartwarming to her.

'The Office': Steve Carell stands at the reception desk as Michael Scott with Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly
The Office: Steve Carell as Michael Scott and Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly | Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Jenna Fischer said this episode made her ‘choked up’

During the April 28 Office Ladies podcast episode, Fischer and Angela Kinsey discussed the episode “Goodbye Toby,” which involved Toby moving away and Holly replacing him in the HR department. Michael becomes smitten with Holly immediately and some sweet moments play out between them.

“There are so many great scenes between Holly and Michael in this episode, and there are even more wonderful ones in the script,” Kinsey revealed. “I really wish they all could have stayed in. I know they had to trim them, but you really see the build of their sort of mutual crush on each other.”

Fischer admitted that it made her emotional watching Michael find someone as perfectly matched for him as Holly.

“I got choked up watching this episode,” she explained. “Every time she returns his affection or flirts with him a little bit. I mean, I was so excited for Michael that a woman was being kind to him. I mean, I was emotional.”

Kinsey added, “Not just kind, but she gets him. They have the same humor.”

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Amy Ryan nailed a Yoda impression in one sweet scene

Michael is definitely smitten with Holly, but Jim advises him not to move too fast. A sweet scene between Michael and Holly plants a seed that the two characters may have a romantic relationship.

Michael goes to HR and finds Holly on the floor taking her chair apart. “She explains to Michael that she’s trying to fix the lumbar support on her chair and she’s like, ‘Great story, huh? I’m going to sell the movie rights’,” Kinsey explained. “Michael is so excited. There’s a bit. So he goes, ‘And the sequel: woman stands at desk and works.’ And Holly laughs.”

Michael gets down on the floor and to help her and asks how she is sitting the way she is. “And she says, yoga,” Fischer said. “Well, Michael’s brain hears yoga and then he does a Yoda impression.’

“Sit on floor and put together chair we will,” Michael tells Holly.

“And then there’s this pause,” Fischer noted. “But then she does a Yoda impression back. Oh, melt my heart.”

“Pass curvy metal piece you will,” Holly tells Michael.

“That’s it. Michael is sunk. He is so in love,” Kinsey said. 

According to Fischer, “Amy Ryan did not know Yoda … She had to Google scenes of Yoda in order to get the voice right. Well, she nailed it.”

Michael and Holly also share a moment doing a Saturday Night Live Jon Lovitz “Acting!” bit. 

“This scene was so charming, right? It was so cute,” Kinsey said.