‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Said This Was 1 of Her Favorite Scenes From the Whole Show

Jenna Fischer has shared many of her favorite scenes on The Office over the years. She revealed during an Office Ladies podcast episode that one scene featuring a character who wasn’t often on the show was among her favorites from the whole series.

The cast of 'The Office' pose in the warehouse as their characters
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Jenna Fischer called this ‘1 of my favorite scenes of the whole series’

Picking a favorite scene from The Office is no easy task, but Fischer has a shortlist and she named one scene, in particular, that’s one of her favorites from the whole series.

While discussing The Office episode “The Surplus” on the August 4 Office Ladies podcast, Fischer and Angela Kinsey both agreed that one scene with Hank the security guard was one of their favorites.

“This next scene is the one that I could not get through,” Fischer shared while they set it up.

Kinsey noted, “I don’t know how you did. It’s one of my favorite scenes of the whole episode.”

Fischer took it one step further, explaining, “It’s one of my favorite scenes of the whole series.”

Michael Scott, unable to make a decision about how to spend surplus money, calls in Hank to hopefully settle the debate over whether the money should be spent on chairs or a new copier.

‘The Office’ actor playing Hank improvised a hilarious moment

Hank arrives at the office with the impression he’s needed for a security guard issue. “I need your sage advice,” Michael tells him. “And everyone, whatever Hank decides, that is the decision. That will resolve this issue.”

Fischer shared that it was difficult for her to get through the scene without laughing. “So Hank arrives. And I just want to say this was one of those scenes that was set at the reception desk and I’m in the shot and I wanted to edge myself out of the shot because I was ruining it because I was laughing,” she admitted.

The fact that Hank comes in and eats candies at the reception desk was especially amusing to both Office Ladies hosts, which Fischer said was an improvised moment. They both agreed the move “was so brilliant.”

Michael wants Hank to make the decision and everyone in the office is fixated on Hank’s assessment. He takes a look at the copier, then asks to see a chair so he can offer up a well-researched decision.

“And the room is riveted. They’re hanging on his every word,” Kinsey pointed out.


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The scene has a hilarious ending

Unfortunately, Hank doesn’t get Michael any closer to making a decision. “But the scene ends amazing. My favorite is the ending of the scene,” Fischer noted.

Kinsey shared, “Well, first of all, he sort of like explains his theory why the office would need both. There’s new copiers, they’re amazing.” He also argues that the chairs are “very weak” and he “could not sit all day” in Pam’s chair.

“And Michael’s like, ‘So?,’ and everyone’s waiting,” Kinsey explained. “And he goes, ‘Let me look at the copier again.’” Michael tells him, ‘All right, get out. Get out.'”