‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Once Joked About Will Ferrell Manhandling Her Breasts

Though The Office features quite a large ensemble cast, Jenna Fischer was one of the few actors who was a series regular from the show’s inception. Fischer played Pam Beesly on the show, the mild-mannered receptionist whose common sense often helped the office, and Michael Scott, stay functional.

The Office cast members Will Ferrell, Jenna Fischer, and Craig Robinson film an episode
Will Ferrell, Jenna Fischer, and Craig Robinson | Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Throughout Fischer’s tenure on The Office she got very comfortable with her fellow cast members. In fact, Fischer’s long-time best friend, Angela Kinsey (who played Angela Martin on the show) hails from the hit comedy as well. Fischer also considers her on-screen love interest, John Krasinski, (who played Jim Halpert) to be a good friend and the pair are still in touch today.

Jenna Fischer’s husband joined the cast of ‘The Office’ for an episode

Fischer may have been close with her fellow Office castmates, but there was one particular scene that required an extreme amount of comfort with another actor. That scene came in the “Delivery” episode where Pam is struggling to nurse her newborn daughter. In order to help her out, and much to Jim’s discomfort, a male lactation specialist comes in and gives her an assist. Considering the scene required such intimacy, Fischer’s real-life husband, Lee Kirk, was the perfect person for the job.

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“We knew the scene would only work if it looked like the doctor was really examining Pam,” Charlie Grandy (who wrote part two of “The Delivery”) shared in a 2010 interview with Office Tally. “We also knew it would only work if Jenna was comfortable with the actor. Jenna suggested Lee and he was AWESOME. I cannot imagine that scene working with anyone else.”

Fischer made a hilarious joke about Will Ferrell

In the same interview, Fischer revealed that it was actually Paul Lieberstein (who was the showrunner of The Office for Season 6 in addition to being a producer, writer, and cast member) who suggested that Kirk audition for the role of the lactation specialist. According to Fischer, Lieberstein was sensitive to her not wanting to be groped by someone she barely knew.

“I will only allow one actor to manhandle my breasts and that’s Will Ferrell,” Fischer joked about Ferrell, who, funnily enough, would briefly join The Office cast the next season. “He wasn’t available. And, it was actually Paul who suggested Lee. I had reservations about a guest actor being so ‘hands on’ in a scene. He was sensitive to my feelings and said, ‘What if Lee is the lactation specialist.’ I thought it was a fun idea.”

What was it like for ‘The Office’ star to work with her husband?

But what was it like for Fischer to work with her real-life husband? According to The Office star they had a good time filming together. “Lee went in to read and got the part,” the actor shared. “It was really cool to have him on set. And especially for such a milestone episode.” The bloopers for the memorable scene definitely echo Fischer’s sentiments that she had a fun time filming with her husband. Fischer’s on-screen husband seemed to enjoy himself too as Krasinski was overwhelmed with giggles while they were filming. While the “Delivery” episode may have been stressful for their characters, the actors seemed to have a ball shooting it.