‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Reveals the Prop She Wanted But Was Told She Couldn’t Have: ‘I Was Really Heartbroken’

Some cast members of The Office recently revealed the props they took home when the show ended in 2013 and fans were surprised that John Krasinski ended up with the teapot Jim gave to Pam in the season 2 “Christmas Party” episode. Surprisingly, the one thing that Jenna Fischer wanted at the end of the series she almost didn’t get.

Cast of The Office
Cast of ‘The Office’ | Mitchell Haaseth/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Who stole the Dunder Mifflin sign?

During the May 13 episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Krasinski and Fischer shared some of the iconic items they ended up with when the series wrapped.

Krasinski explained how he stole the Dunder Mifflin sign they did talking head interviews in front of for the show — and he even lied about sneaking off with it!

Greg Daniels, who developed The Office, said he wanted the sign, which Krasinski had swiped, but the actor didn’t fess up. “Literally, my brain exploded and I went, ‘That sucks, man. Whoever did that, that sucks,'” Krasinski explained. “I lied to my dad! I lied to my TV creator! It was the worst heist of all time.”

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In a twist, Krasinski got the teapot

The actor, in a strange twist, got the teapot from the series as well, which surprised Fischer and her podcast co-host Angela Kinsey.

Prop master Phil Shea ended up sending Krasinski the teapot and other props a few years after the show ended. “Phil Shea is the reason I have anything,” Krasinski shared. “He sent me a box years, like three or four years later of my bag — yeah, my satchel — my nameplate, and the teapot, bro.”

“You have the teapot!,” Fisher and Kinsey shouted. “We have been wondering who has the teapot!” Kinsey added.

“Oh man, I thought you knew that,” Krasinski said. It appears they didn’t!

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Fischer was told she couldn’t have Pam’s painting

In The Office Season 3 Episode 17 titled “Business School,” Pam invites her co-workers to an art show where she’s displayed some of her work. Michael Scott shows up when Pam’s taking her art down, feeling defeated by the low turnout of her co-workers. In a sweet moment, he asks to buy her drawing of the office building, which he hangs in their office.

Of all of the props the show had over the years, it’s understandable that the actress would want the watercolor painting — it even ended up in the final scene of the series. Surprisingly, she was told she couldn’t have it.

Fischer was told that the prop was going to be cataloged and stored at NBC. “I was really heartbroken,” she explained. “That was really the one thing I wanted… As I was leaving, Phil Shea ran up to me and he said, ‘Here, you should have this. I made a color photo of it. They’ll never know.'” She has the original watercolor in her home!