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‘The Office’: A Bigger Jim and Pam Storyline Cut in 1 Episode Explained Why Jim Spiraled Over Their Relationship

One episode of The Office saw Jim spiraling about Pam when she was away at art school and out late drinking with friends. Jenna Fischer revealed there was more to the Jim and Pam storyline that was cut from the episode that better explained why Jim had doubts after Roy's comment about Pam.

The Office writers teased the possibility of a Jim and Pam relationship in the beginning and, when the two eventually got together, they continued to throw some challenges their way. In one season 5 episode, Jim is seen spiraling over Pam’s social life while she’s away at art school but, according to Jenna Fischer, there was supposed to be a bigger reason that caused Jim to worry about the relationship.

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert in a scene of 'The Office'
John Krasinski of The Office | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Jim runs into Pam’s ex Roy, who plants a seed of doubt

During the June 23 episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Fischer and Angela Kinsey discussed The Office Season 5 episode “Crime Aid” which sees Michael Scott organizing an auction to raise money after a robbery at the office. At the auction, Jim bids on Darryl and the warehouse workers’ item — an offer to join them for a beer at a local bar. Jim wins the item and leaves the auction.

While at the bar, Jim sees Pam’s ex-fiancé Roy and Jim tells him he’s now engaged to Pam. When he mentions that Pam is at art school and stayed out late with friends, Roy says, “I thought you were a friend.”

Kinsey explained how Roy’s comment seemed to leave Jim rattled. “It kind of plants the seed of doubt in Jim’s brain, like is Pam connecting with other people the way she connected with me,” Kinsey noted. “What’s going on at art school?”

Roy’s comment prompts Jim to drive to New York to visit Pam, though he turns around, explaining, “I’m not that guy and we are not that couple.”

The episode was supposed to have more of a storyline that sent Jim spiraling

While Roy’s comment planted that doubt, Kinsey and Fischer revealed that there was supposed to be more in the episode that would have made more sense about why Jim was worried.

“So Jim spirals and he’s like, ‘I’m going to I’m going to go see her. I’m going to go see her. I’m going to drive to New York,’” Fischer noted. “I want you guys to know that there were some missing scenes in this Jim and Pam storyline.”

“You know why was he so insecure about their relationship? Now we know he’s going to turn around. He’s not actually going to drive to New York. He’s going to turn around,” Fischer added. “But there’s a lot more motivating this spiral than just Roy’s comment.”

Kinsey confirmed that there was supposed to be more of a Jim and Pam storyline “that would have started early in the episode and would have built to this moment.”

Fischer explained the missing detail that would have made Jim’s reaction to Roy’s comment make more sense. “So earlier, remember, Jim was on the phone and he got this voicemail from Pam where she’s out with her friends,” she explained. “Well, what’s missing is that there was a really cute bit where Jim and Pam are talking on the phone and they are talking about The West Wing.”

The couple plan to watch the show together but Pam tells Jim she’s had a tough week so they decide to skip watching it. “In the script, this scene goes on and Jim says, ‘Are we on for the next episode tonight?’ Pam says, ‘You know what? Can we raincheck it?’ Basically, you know, she says, ‘I’m really tired. I think I’m just going to go to bed early.'”


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“So, you know, fine. But then later, what happens is she leaves Jim a message where she says, ‘Oh my gosh, my friends, they’re dragging me out. They convinced me to go out. I’ll call you later,'” Fischer explained. “Then Jim gets the butt dial from the bar where she’s having a great time.”

“And then Pam leaves him a message explaining that she did not get home until 8:00 in the morning. So she was too tired to watch West Wing, but she went out with friends till eight in the morning,” Fischer continued. “So that is really why Jim spirals for a second and is going to drive to New York.”

Kinsey shared how the details of that cut storyline made Roy’s comment really worry Jim. “Yeah, that’s why Roy’s comment really took root, you know, because he’s like, ‘Well, wait a second. I kind of feel like she just blew me off for these people I don’t even know,'” Kinsey noted.