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‘The Office’: John Krasinski Admitted He Was ‘So Freaked Out’ and ‘Scared’ About Filming 1 Jim and Pam Scene

John Krasinski said he was 'freaked out' during a Jim and Pam scene on 'The Office' because of the vibe on set. His co-star Jenna Fischer was preparing for the big moment but Krasinski said he felt 'more nervous' for their 'Casino Night' scenes.

John Krasinski revealed how one Jim and Pam scene on The Office left him feeling “so freaked out” because of the way his co-star Jenna Fischer approached it. Krasinski stepped up, however, and nailed the demanding scene which became a fan-favorite moment.

Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly sitting at the reception desk on 'The Office' while John Krasinski as Jim Halpert on 'The Office' hands her a folder
Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski on ‘The Office’ | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

‘The Office’ ‘Casino Night’ episode had 2 big Jim and Pam moments

During the Oct. 19 episode of The Office Deep Dive podcast, host Brian Baumgartner talked with Krasinski about two moments in The Office “Casino Night” episode between Jim and Pam. One scene had Jim professing his love for Pam (but she turns him down) and the other was when Jim kisses Pam in the office.

Baumgartner recalled how “Nothing shut down production like an important Jim and Pam moment … like ‘Casino Night.’ And not just one — two different moments in ‘Casino Night’ because the relationship was so important to the two of you and getting it right.”

John Krasinski said he was ‘so freaked out’ by doing 1 Jim and Pam scene

Krasinski shared his memories of filming the parking lot and office scenes in the “Casino Night” episode and how he got “freaked out.”

“I remember there was an energy around those moments,” Krasinski explained. “Certainly I remember the big kiss — nobody was on set, nobody was around the craft service table, but I didn’t know that was happening. So I walked on ready to joke with folks and they were not wanting to make eye contact with me.”

Krasinski said he felt “more nervous” about the vibe on set because he wasn’t sure what was happening.

The actor explained how the tension created before filming the kiss contributed to the actors’ performances. “I don’t even think I got to see the set before I went on. It was all so weird and I’m sure for a better actor, you’d think that’s what you need” but he said it made him “nervous … I was so freaked out.”

Krasinski further explained that he found out Fischer was going all in on getting ready for their big moment and he hadn’t given it the same level of preparation.

“I was so not knowing of that world that I didn’t know that I could take 30 minutes in my trailer to prepare mentally,” Krasinski explained. “So then I got so much more scared. Then you start to think, ‘Oh God, I didn’t do my homework and she’s doing her homework!’”


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Krasinski said he trusted creator Greg Daniels’ timeline for Jim and Pam

Baumgartner asked if Krasinski was “on board with the trajectory of Jim and Pam’s relationship, just in terms of the timing,” wondering, “Did you have concerns about it happening too soon?” The actor said no because he had faith in the show creator’s vision for the characters.

“Truly in Greg [Daniels, the show’s creator] I trusted … he was always so nice to involve Jenna [Fischer] and I,” Krasinski explained. “He would tell you kind of when things were going to happen and he would remind you in scenes, ‘Don’t worry, this isn’t the moment that’s going to lead to this, that’ll happen later.’”

“He had it all tracked out,” the actor said.