‘The Office’: John Krasinski’s Height Made 1 Prank ‘Much Funnier’

It’s no secret that John Krasinski is a pretty tall guy. While he’s not nearly as tall as his older brothers, being 6’3 meant he was almost always the tallest person on set of The Office. While his fellow cast members, Rainn Wilson and Steve Carell, aren’t that much shorter than Krasinski, the show often liked to joke around about how tall the A Quiet Place director is. Fans of the show will likely remember when Michael told Jim that Gumby had a better body than him during his infamous roast.

The Office stars John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson as Jim and Dwight on top of a bus
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But Krasinski’s height didn’t just make for some funny dialogue within the show; it also enhanced the physical comedy at times also. In fact, Mindy Kaling (who wrote, produced, and starred in The Office) revealed that one infamous prank that Dwight played on Jim was made even funnier by Krasinski’s height. Back in 2010, Kaling spoke to Office Tally about the “Classy Christmas” episode of the show. Fans will recall that this is the episode where Dwight tortures Jim with snowballs.

The prank war began when Dwight mocked Jim for being excited about the first snow of the season. He sneers and tells Jim that the snow is barely a dusting. To retaliate, Jim makes a snowball and throws it in Dwight’s face. When Jim refuses to apologize, Dwight challenges him to a snowball fight on the first real snow day of the season. The day comes for the fight and a chilled Jim waits outside for Dwight, who is seemingly nowhere to be found. Annoyed, Jim attempts to go back inside the office only to discover that the doors are locked. Dwight eventually reveals that he has been hiding in a snowman and pummels Jim in the face and body with snowballs until he falls to the ground in the fetal position.

How John Krasinski’s height made the snowball prank funnier

Fans of The Office will recall that Jim ended up with a bloody face thanks to Dwight’s relentless behavior. However, Kaling ensured that Krasinski never actually got hurt while filming the hilarious scene. However, the writer did share that Krasinski’s height made the scene even funnier. “John never got hurt, or if he was, he never complained,” Kaling revealed. “He really did a great job of selling it, though, didn’t he? He has such long legs, so when he went fetal on the ground, it looked so much funnier than if a short person did the same thing.”

‘The Office’ writer, Mindy Kaling, revealed that the fake snow was hard to work with

Continuing on, Kaling revealed that the scene was actually difficult to execute because of the snowballs weren’t the most reliable props. “The snow made for a lot fewer takes, because snow does not cooperate very well,” The Office writer revealed. “Manmade snow somehow doesn’t stick together the same way natural snow does, for some reason (natural snow has a better sense of comedy, I guess?). Our snowballs tended to ‘explode’ before they made contact with John. So I think you saw pretty much every take of a snowball making contact.”


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Clearly, Krasinski had his work cut out for him while filming that particular scene of The Office. However, we’d have to agree that with Kaling that his height certainly enhanced the comedy of the memorable scene.