‘The Office’: John Krasinski’s Favorite Episodes Just Happen to Have the Best Jim and Pam Moments

Fans of The Office have their favorite episodes from its nine seasons, but what are the cast’s favorites? John Krasinski, just like every other fan of the series, can’t pick just one that he loves the most, but his top three are among the best the show had to offer.

Cast of The Office
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Krasinski shares one of his favorite episodes of ‘The Office’

In a 2013 interview with Daily Actor, Krasinski reflected on his time on The Office as the show was coming to an end. Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert, was asked to share his favorite episode from the show’s run and, not surprisingly, he couldn’t land on one.

“Wow… That’s a really hard question,” he answered. “You’ve got to have more of like a top ten and whichever one’s get named get named. But, you know for me the — for so many different reasons, again personally and professionally, I think that there’s so many important moments, some having to do with my character and others not.”

He added, “I think the first moment that I can remember the most was shooting the first day of ‘Diversity Day,’ because the pilot was pretty much word for word the British show, which I know we weren’t all super excited about, but we could understand why we had to do it to see how it stacked up against the other show.”

“And then, our first sort of running at our own pace was ‘Diversity Day’ and I actually remember people looking around the room at each other, you know as if you do when you saw something incredibly special and important,” the actor continued. “We all knew that something very, very special was happening and that this show tonally and from a writing perspective was just really, really incredible. And I remember that moment feeling like that just, you know set the tone for what this show is.”

‘Casino Night’ is a favorite, too

Krasinski listed another fan favorite as one of the episodes he loved the most — “Casino Night” — an episode that moved Pam and Jim’s flirty co-worker relationship to a new level.

“I think just I had never been a part of anything like that,” he said of “Casino Night,” adding, “You know, I remember shooting that last scene and Greg [Daniels, who developed the show] had the set cleared and the lights were low and… there was like an importance put on this, and you realize that it wasn’t an importance because of us, like you know that the actors needed it necessarily. It was more like, ‘We’ve got to get this right for the people that are watching.'”

Krasinski further shared how important it was to get those moments right for the fans because people are “so invested that you can’t just at the end of the episode say, ‘I love you’ and kiss.”

“It has to be very real and very special and exactly how they think the characters would do it, and that was amazing. That was an amazing night,” Krasinski explained.

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‘Booze Cruise’ makes his top three

Krasinski’s other favorite is a well-loved episode, one he shared was responsible for “defining the show.”

Booze Cruise will always be one of my favorite episodes on many levels,” the actor shared. “I think it’s hilarious and one of my favorite episodes. But, going up on the top of that boat and Greg… It was the last thing we shot. I think we only had like 15 minutes or something… and Greg just said, ‘You know, you’re here to say I love you to her. Just, you know I don’t know that would go, just do it.’ And I got up and there and just stared at Jenna and had absolutely no idea what to do or how to say it.”

“That extended moment of silence was in the show and Krasinski was so pleased. “I remember watching that episode and saying, ‘You know, I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen a show commit to the characters and the story above, you know what would be good for ratings or, you know what the audience would see as very dramatic.’ It was just like, ‘No, this is two people who are trying to figure out how to love each other.’ And I just thought that that was really incredible.”