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The Office was a show about the American workplace, but it was also a series about relationships. While Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) were a fan favorite couple, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) were perhaps a more perfect match. Here’s why Michael and Holly made for such a fantastic couple. 

Steve Carell as Michael Scott and Amy Ryan as Holly Flax
Steve Carell and Amy Ryan | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Falling in love was always part of Michael Scott’s character arc 

As a character, it was important for Michael Scott to fall in love. Doing so helped demonstrate his evolution throughout the seven seasons he was part of The Office

“I think when you find true love, nothing else really matters,” Ryan said. “Eventually, [Michael] finds his true family.” 

When Michael found Holly, fans knew he had finally found his match. Their relationship was perfect for a lot of reasons, but the driving force in their relationship was the freedom to be themselves — something Michael Scott desperately needed in a soul mate.

Holly Flax allowed Michael Scott to grow without having to change his personality 

Michael Scott was a unique character. He was awkward and occasionally ignorant, but he always meant well. When the love of his life, Holly Flax, came along, he didn’t have to sacrifice any part of his personality, like he did with his past relationships. That aspect of Michael and Holly’s relationship is what made it so special. 

“He’s still crazy, that’s what I still like,” Ryan told co-star Brian Baumgartner on his podcast, An Oral History of The Office. “He still makes really bad choices along the way and [does] things that make other people cringe. It’s not like Holly comes and spreads this magic pixie dust on him, and he’s a normal person.” Instead, the two quirky personalities live harmoniously.

Michael Scott didn’t have to work to impress Holly Flax 

Ryan believes Holly was the person Michael didn’t have to “work hard” around. As someone who craved attention and desired so desperately to be liked, Michael was always putting forth so much effort. But when Holly came into his life, they were so compatible, he didn’t even have to try. 


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“Once he was able to start stepping outside of himself…he could see a little bit more about the world around him,” Carell said of his character. Seeing more of the world around him is what ultimately pushed Michael into a world outside of Dunder Mifflin. 

Michael Scott left Scranton for his perfect relationship

As Baumgartner explained, introducing Holly into Michael’s life wasn’t meant to be a disruption to the show or Michael’s evolution as a character. So, when things seemed to be going all too well for Michael, corporate — the showrunners — transferred Holly to another branch of Dunder Mifflin. 

When she appeared a final time at the end of season 5, it was evident that Michael had grown. Michael always said he and Holly were “one of those couples with a long story.” 

Fortunately, their long story had a happy ending. In season 7, Michael proposed to Holly, then announced that he was leaving Scranton for good.