‘The Office’: Rainn Wilson Gave the Most Dwight Answer When Asked if He Punched His ‘Junk’

Though there were plenty of wild characters within The Office, Dwight K. Schrute is among the most absurd. A militant presence at Dunder Mifflin, Dwight bought an unusual sense of levity to the show. The beet farmer was known for causing chaos for himself and others in the most unorthodox ways. Portrayed by Rainn Wilson, Dwight is certainly amongst one of the most well-known and well-loved characters within The Office.

Rainn Wilson as Dwight on The Office
‘The Office’ cast member Rainn Wilson | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

From setting the office on fire to shooting a hole in the wall, Dwight often caused his coworkers untold harm. However, the paper salesman was not above harming himself. Fans may recall that in season 6, Dwight even fought himself. In an episode called “Murder”, the assistant to the regional manager was demonstrating his martial arts skills. After showcasing how he would incapacitate any attacker using Phyllis, Jim challenged him to fight himself.

Dwight fought himself in the ‘Murder’ episode of ‘The Office’

Given Jim’s penchant for playing pranks on Dwight, most of the office knew that Jim was messing with his coworker. However, that didn’t stop Dwight from taking the bait. It doesn’t take long for Dwight to wreak havoc on his own body. He bends his own wrist back and even punches himself in the genitals much to the shock and delight of his coworkers.

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Naturally, fans of The Office loved watching Dwight fighting himself. Wilson’s performance was as hilarious as it was believable. In fact, some people wondered if the actor really did hit himself in his private parts. In an interview with Office Tally, one fan inquired if Wilson actually performed the aforementioned stunt. The response Wilson gave is one that was equal parts hilarious and sarcastic. In fact, it’s a response that practically screams Dwight.

Rainn Wilson on if he really punched himself in the genetials

“Yes, I punched myself in the junk,” Wilson shared when responding to The Office fan. “That’s not something you can fake. You have to actually haul off and whack yourself in the testicles in order for it to be read on camera and for the truthfulness of the acting… wait a minute. Now that I think of it…I COULD have just faked it! Damnit! Why didn’t I just hit CLOSE to my junk!? I severed a junk vein and now I’m wearing a catheter. Please tell me it was worth it!”

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Another member of ‘The Office’ cast really did get hit repeatedly

Wilson’s answer seems to imply that he didn’t actually incapacitate himself to the extent that fans believed. However, there were plenty of physical stunts in The Office that were 100% real. For example, in the “Night Out” episode, Kate Flannery (who played Meredith) really did get hit in the face with a football. She actually suffered through the stunt 14 times instead of utilizing her stunt double. Clearly, The Office cast wasn’t afraid to commit to the physical comedy that the show required. Perhaps that’s part of the reason it’s so well-loved today.