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The Office aired from 2005 to 2013. During the show’s run, it was nominated for several Emmy Awards. In 2006, Office co-stars Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner decided to attend the Emmys together. Find out why they nearly missed the show.  

Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner
Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner | Marc Bryan-Brown/WireImage

Brian Baumgartner is celebrating ‘The Office’ on his podcast

Baumgartner played the lovable accountant Kevin Malone on The Office. This year, he started a podcast called An Oral History of The Office. He needed to know why so many people were drawn to the show, even 15 years later. 

Throughout 12 episodes, Baumgartner reconnected with his co-stars, including Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and fellow accountant Kinsey. The Office‘s producers, writers, editors, and camera crew were also guests on various episodes. Baumgartner and friends discussed the show’s history and revealed plenty of behind-the-scenes moments fans of The Office will love. 

During the “Mom, We Made It” episode of his podcast, Baumgartner and Kinsey regaled how they missed the Emmy Red Carpet in 2006 and almost couldn’t get into the ceremony! 

‘The Office’ has won 5 Emmy’s overall

Throughout The Office‘s nine-season run, it was nominated for 42 Emmy awards. Shockingly, the series only won for 5 of those nominations. 

The Office won for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series in 2007, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series in 2009, and once again for single-camera picture editing in 2013. 

In 2006, the series was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing for A Comedy Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy series. That was the year Baumgartner and Kinsey were late. 

Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey almost missed the 2006 Emmy Awards because of car trouble

In 2006, Baumgartner and Kinsey decided they would carpool to the Emmys together — in a limo, of course. 

“Why were we going together?” Baumgartner questioned on An Oral History of The Office

“We were f*cking idiots!” Kinsey laughed. It makes sense — why wouldn’t two co-stars who literally shared a desk carpool to a major award ceremony together? 

The idea of carpooling sounded like a good idea — until the limo gave out. 


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“You [called] me and you said, ‘The limousine doesn’t have any air conditioning [and] it’s hot in here,'” Baumgartner recalled. 

That wasn’t the only issue during their journey to the Emmys. “[The limo] got to your house, and the car wouldn’t start,” Kinsey added. Fortunately, the duo made it to the Emmys, albeit a bit late. 

Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey got locked out of the Emmys

Not only did they arrive at the Emmys late and miss the red carpet — Kinsey and Baumgartner almost didn’t get in to the ceremony. 

Kinsey remembered arguing with security at the door. “[We were] like, ‘We’re on The Office‘ and the guy said ‘Who’s office do you work for?'” she said. “‘No! We’re on The Office!'”

“We are on an Emmy-nominated television show, and we are locked out of the building,” Baumgartner laughed, remembering the night. 

Fortunately, the two made it into the ceremony to celebrate their big win.