‘The Office’: Steve Carell Ripped His Pants During 1 Hilarious Michael Scott Scene

The Office star Steve Carell had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during one hilarious Michael Scott moment on the show. Thankfully the snafu lives on in the show’s bloopers, including the moment Carell says with a giggle, “I think I’m going to need some new pants!”

Steve Carell sits in front of a window as his character Michael Scott on The Office.
‘The Office’ star Steve Carell | Getty Images

Michael Scott tries to park his convertible on ‘The Office’

During the Nov. 10 Office Ladies podcast, hosts Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey explored The Office Season 5 episode “Michael Scott Paper Company.” The co-hosts discussed the opening of the episode, in which Michael pulls up in his convertible and attempts to parallel park. When he’s unsuccessful, he parks at the office building in a very tight spot. The only way out is for Michael to climb out the back of the convertible and slide down.

The moment didn’t go perfectly for the actor, however — his pants got snagged on the car.

“This episode opens with Michael driving up in his convertible,” Fischer explained. “He’s got the top down. He’s blasting his music. ‘It’s Britney, bitch.’”

Kinsey pointed out, “But it’s Lady Gaga … singing ‘Just Dance.’”

“Michael is going to try to parallel park,” Fischer said of the scene. “He is going to do this unsuccessfully. There’s just not enough room.”

Jenna Fischer explained how they shot Michael’s parking mistake

The parallel parking bit was even more comical because Michael had plenty of room, but he said he wasn’t “going to make this one” after he bumped the car behind him. “There’s like three car lengths of curb available,” Fischer noted.

She went on to explain how they shot the scene to look like Michael really smashed into the car behind him. “[Producer] Randy Cordray told us that we did this in cuts,” the actor explained. “So first they padded the rear bumper of Michael’s PT cruiser so that it wouldn’t actually damage the car behind him.”

Fischer continued, “They shot it in a way so you can’t see the padding. When Michael pulls away, they had removed the foam cushioning. And that crunch you hear was a special effects sound that they added in post.”

Steve Carell ripped his pants during 1 hilarious ‘The Office’ moment

Michael ends up parking between two cars in the parking lot but there’s no room for him to open the driver’s side car door to get out. “While Pam and Jim are walking into the parking lot, Michael has wedged his car between two other cars and he’s trying to shimmy out over the back — holding the Cheetos, by the way,” Kinsey noted.

“Jenna, Steve ripped his pants in this scene,” she added, much to her co-host’s surprise.

“He was trying to scooch over the back of the PT Cruiser and his pants got hung up on the back of the little convertible part. And he’s scooching,” Kinsey explained. “It’s in the bloopers and I was going to play it but the majority of the bloopers is Steve scooching and grunting, trying to get over the back hump of the car.”

She added, “And then he finally says, ‘I’m going to need a new pair of pants.’ It just made me laugh.”

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